Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Father Gordon MACRAE

NINETEEN LONG YEARS AGO YESTERDAY (TO-DAY IN THE UNITED STATES AS I WRITE), Father Gordon Macrae was imprisoned for a sexual abuse crime that never happened.

Father Macrae's endurance of this gross injustice and  of his abandonment by his Parish and Diocese, without bitterness or ill will is exemplary to say the least. In fact , in circumstances that are severe, very restrictive and sometimes dangerous, his demonstrated virtue is heroic.

Father is an accomplished writer, and his Blog "These Stone Walls" is masterly - beautifully written and full of brilliant insights and deft analysis as well as delightful literary content. Please take the time to visit the Blog here:http://thesestonewalls.com/ Stay a while and look around - and come back often to explore you will not be disappointed.

Happily through the efforts of many good folk and even the Wall Street Journal , the injustice done to Father is in the course of being reversed - but the American Court system is far more tortuous than our own. Prayer is still needed and you can help there.

Sadly the Church in America is still running scared in front of the moral panic over the real sexual abuse scandals, and seems reluctant to stand up for those innocent Priests falsely accused by Fraudsters seeking Compensation for things that never happened. The idea seems to remain that it is better to pay up so that the person will shut up - and hard luck for the Priest falsely accused - he is thrown under the Bus!

We should all salute the holiness and bravery of Father Gordon Macrae and ever include him in our prayers. 

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