Tuesday, October 29, 2013



We were surprised to read in the official notices of Papal Audiences that Australia's Apostolic Nuncio was received in audience by the Holy Father on 24th October, 2013.

Nuncios are not that numerous among the lists of those granted Audiences, and Pope Francis' Audiences officially announced, have not been overwhelming.Even Cardinal Marc Ouellet of the Congregation for Bishops who was a regular with Pope Benedict XVI is now only occasionally received, and the nomination of new Bishops is correspondingly reduced.

And I cannot remember, I might be wrong, the Australian Nuncio being received in private Audience previously.

One wonders why? Did he seek the audience , or was he summoned ?

Perhaps we will never know. Or perhaps we might expect some equally unusual development?

Meanwhile our long vacant See of Rockhampton  remains just so, a new Auxiliary for Sydney and for Brisbane is needed and in two weeks a new Bishop of Broken Bay will be needed. Townsville continues to ponder its terminally -ailing Bishop's replacement. And Wilcannia Forbes remains without a Bishop. The longer these things are delayed the worse the problem of solving them becomes.

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