Sunday, November 17, 2013


Father Vince Casey  -  We could not locate a picture of him in clerical attire or vestments.

The appropriate  Canonical processes having been followed, the Diocesan Curia has elected the Vicar General until the Bishop's retirement. Father Vince Casey, as Diocesan Administrator.

This is perhaps not surprising since Father Casey, by virtue of his prior role knows the Diocesan Administration thoroughly. And , no doubt most of the Priests would not have welcomed taking the helm, particularly since they would be Canonically prevented from introducing any "innovation", which would be essential to reverse the disastrous policies of the former Bishop. At least his virtual war with his faithful clergy on many subjects, has ended.

For Father Casey, there would appear to be no problem because he has been so closely aligned to the formation and execution of the former Bishop's policies including the scandalous " Lay Leadership" fiasco.

Let us pray, for the good of the Diocese, that Father's responsibilities as Administrator are only briefly held, and that one of the Country's many good and faithful Priests will be appointed Bishop at an early date.

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