Thursday, November 28, 2013



We are aware that our decision to write about the Holy Father in as objective a manner as possible, has, for some time now , been not so warmly received by some who feel that it is inappropriate/ infra dig/even disloyal to do so. But we believe otherwise and have always have kept to the precise boundaries of respect and carefully distinguished between Papal Infallibility where it applies, and Papal personal statements and opinions.

Now, Pope Francis has gone so far as to thank one of his critics and to accept the correction and amend his position.

Here is an extract from a letter the Holy Father wrote to Archbishop Agostino Marchetto :

" You have demonstrated this love(of the Church) in many ways, including by correcting an error or imprecision on my part - and for this I thank you from my heart - but above all it has been manifested in all its purity in your studies of Vatican Council II. I have said this to you once , dear Archbishop Marchetto, and I want to repeat it to-day, that I consider you the best hermeneut ( interpreter) of Vatican Council II." 

The significance of this letter goes far beyond the humble acceptance of correction. For Archbishop Marchetto is a powerful defender of the " hermeneutic of continuity" and implacable opponent of the " hermeneutic of rupture" propagated by the Bologna school and which has so widely seeped into dissident regions of the Church in the West.When Pope Francis then, so unreservedly commends Archbishop Marchetto he is unreservedly accepting the Hermeneutic of Continuity!

Catholics 10 Dissidents Nil! God Bless Pope Francis!

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