Monday, November 04, 2013


Just when things were beginning to calm down a little and we were looking forward to a hoped for return to something like Papal serenity.......the Holy Father appeared on All Souls' Day with this new Ferula or Pastoral Staff.

It looks rather different up close from the impression the whole creates at a normal distance. Not better just different.

                                               POPE FRANCIS WITH NEW FERULA
                                MONS.GUIDO MARINI LOOKS AS IF HE HAD JUST SAID : 
                                     " HOLY FATHER, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?"

It appears that the new Ferula or Pastoral Staff was given to the Holy Father by a major international Mining Company, as the Blog "Rorate Caeli" reports it : "This ferula was donated to the Pope last month by Goldlake, a mining corporation that is part of major Italian cement holding Gruppo Financo, with mining concessions in Argentina and Honduras (from which came the metals used for this staff)."

The unfortunate appearance of the object flows from two sources :
firstly the conception of the design - the Corpus is NOT crucified to the Cross, but rather is a Christ in Resurrection,
secondly the effort to portray the radiance of the Resurrection looks from any reasonable distance to be something like a Hawaiian Lei hung about the Corpus.

In summary, it is liturgically inappropriate because misconceived and slightly bizarre in appearance because of its design elements. 

The less seen the better.It would be better for the Holy Father to be seen riding in the donated Volkswagen Limousine, than walking about with this mis-conceived creation of a mining company.(In my humble opinion!)
                                                    POPE BENEDICT XVI    FERULA 

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