Friday, June 05, 2015


In the last few days Pope Francis' words have been revealed by those who have spoken to him directly. Both are people in very important positions in the Church.  And in both cases, what they recount gives heart and joy to Catholics who love the church and long for the Holy Father to "strengthen the brethren".

The first of these is Cardinal Robert Sarah Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Speaking to the Sacra Liturgia Conference in New York on the 2nd of June, His Eminence revealed that when offered the position as Prefect by the Holy Father , he had asked "Your Holiness how do you want me to exercise this ministry? What do you want me to do as Prefect of this Congregation? " The reply revealed surprised many :" I want you to continue to implement the reform of the Second Vatican Council, and I want you to continue the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI."
The latter point of course embraces Summorum Pontificum.

Two days  later Cardinal Walter Kasper was interviewed at length on EWTN by Raymond Arroyo. It will be recalled that His eminence had previously been interviewed there and had left the distinct impression that the Holy Father approved of his proposals that divorced and re-" married" people should be admitted to Holy Communion. This is of course wholly contrary to all Catholic teaching.And the proposal has been roundly condemned-by many senior Cardinals. Now, when asked
if that was actually the case Cardinal Kasper answered very clearly " No...he did not approve my proposal.The Pope wanted that I put the question  (forward) , and, afterwards, in a general way before all the Cardinals, he expressed his satisfaction with my talk. But not the end, not in the......I would not say he approved the proposal no no, no.


This is what faithful Catholics had expected all along. Cardinal Kasper comes out of this controversy not at all well.

Now the brethren are strengthened.

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