Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This Post first appeared om 10th November, 2011, and  sixteen months later His Holiness abdicated.The Post is revealing for what it tells us about him And it is instructive when we consider his Successor.
Last night as I read from Father Nicola Avancini's marvellous "Meditations"("The Life and Teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ") I came across this passage :

"How crafty are our passions! They drag our virtues into their allegiance , thus pride ruins our acts of humility, and anger our zeal. It is so necessary to watch this, and not to allow our actions to be tainted with passion."

It immediately occurred to me that the last sentence provides the key to Pope Benedict XVI' serenity and humble yet authoritative calm in the face of so many trials, even from within the Church.

The usually authoritative Italian journalist Andrea Tornielli is reported to say that the Holy Father is suffering from Arthrosis which is apparently a quite painful degenerative disease of the joints, hence the recent entry into Saint Peter's Basilica on the wheeled platform.

Let us pray that this further cross will be accompanied by every possible measure of Grace to assist him. Not all Popes have been Saints, but I believe we have one with us now!

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