Monday, November 07, 2016


This post originally appeared on 22nd September, 2013 under the title "POPE FRANCIS GOVERNING   -   MELBOURNE PRIEST EXCOMMUNICATED"

Father Greg Reynolds (Green " stole")
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that dissident Melbourne Priest Father Greg Reynolds has been"defrocked and excommunicated" in May of this year .He had resigned as a Parish Priest two years ago.

Father Reynolds a Liturgy

It appears that the core of the issues surrounding his activity relates to his advocacy of female ordination and advocacy of homosexual culture, liturgical abuses are also be involved.His faculties had,  according to press reports, been withdrawn by Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart at the time of his resignation. He has since carried on with an organisation he has formed dubbed "Inclusive Catholics" and has about 40 followers at his services mostly run by women and homosexual activists.

He is quoted as saying he thought the Holy See's action was a bit of " overkill".

Many will be relieved to see such firm action under Pope Francis' governance.

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