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Technical problems with Google indexing have made it desirable to re-post all of our material. I hope you will find interest in reflecting with me, on the history of the Church over the centuries and during the life of the Blog which began on 14th December 2009.  This post first appeared on 27th January 2010

Father Adrian Fortescue's "CEREMONIES OF THE ROMAN RITE DESCRIBED" dates back to the happy days before coffee table Masses, clown costume Celebrants and guitars over chasubles. The rubrical rigour of the work has become the stuff of legend in these demented, de-constructed times. 

Enjoying the possibilities that can be conjured up, the good young folk over at THE SHRINE OF THE HOLY WHAPPING Blog put up a brilliant post on 25th January 2010 - more than worth a read!

It is essential to have a sense of humour before reading:

"Monday, January 25

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Adrian Fortescue

An old hand at serving once told me that in the bad old days before …


Stolen for Generations

The Story of St Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is a tough, beautiful and ancient city dominated by its Castle. And the Castle, the City and their Country are dominated by the English Crown (Devolution notwithstanding). But it wasn’t always so.

Yes Edinburgh Castle is ancient, and in the heart of the Castle is a stolen Catholic Church – St. Margaret’s Chapel – the oldest building in Edinburgh.

In the early days of its independent life, King David I (A.D. 1084 – 1153) ruled Scotland. He is regarded by scholars both ancient and modern, as a truly pious King, so devoted to the Faith and to good works, that in his time he brought into being more than a dozen new monasteries. One of the greatest of these is the Cistercian Abbey of Melrose founded in A.D. 1137. Its noble ruins still inspire to Faith almost 900 years later.

The great St. Aelred of Rievaulx, in his eulogy for King David praised his justice and piety, and stated “the whole barbarity of that…
NEW BISHOP FOR PARRAMATTA -  "INFORMED" PREDICTIONS CONFOUNDED                                                                                                       BISHOP ANTHONY FISHER O.P.
On Friday 8th January, 2010 the Holy See announced that the Holy Father has appointed as Bishop of Parramatta, Bishop Anthony Fisher O.P. until now Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney. So much for recent Blog predictions he was bound for Canberra-Goulburn , supposedly to replace Archbishop Mark Coleridge when he would,so the story went, replace Cardinal Pell in Sydney and the good Cardinal would have been off to the Curia in Rome!So the venerable bloggers in the Cloisters must return to the drawing boards.
The appointment is a great blessing for the Diocese of Parramatta, but perhaps a mixed blessing, certainly a challenge, for Bishop Fisher. Who would envy him the problem of the hideous new cathedral and the history of the Diocese' Catholic Education Office in recent years?  Parramatta Dioc…