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Strike the Shepherd…

that the sheep may be scattered. Zech. 13:7

The annual ante Easter anti Easter campaign in the Media has been going on for over 20 years now. This year’s effort started off with deceptive simplicity. The New York Times rehashed the story of a paedophile priest in Milwaukee Diocese about 20 years ago. It was taken up by the BBC and the London Times who also leant on the Irish abuse scandals (FOUNDATION March 2009). The ABC was quick to latch on. Later a German paper tried to get a run out of a case in Munich of a similar vintage.

Because of the way in which the stories were written (very badly, without checking sources and lacking consistent logic) it was difficult at first to see what was going on. But after a little while it became clear: the purpose of the exercises was an endeavour to attack Pope Benedict XVI by trying to show him to have been derelict in his duty when a Cardinal and even to portray him as an evil criminal conspirator. The ultimate goal then w…


Our beloved Holy Father celebrates his 83rd Birthday on 16th April,2010 and the 5th Anniversary of his Papacy on Monday 19th April, 2010. How apt that he should spend this period among the devout Catholic people of Malta the island of heroism in history past and not so distant. Malta stood firm against aggresive Mohammedans several hundred years ago, and against Nazi attackers in World War II. The Holy Father's visit commemorates the 1950th Anniversary of St. Paul's shipwreck on the island. It was here that he was bitten by a viper which secured itself firmly to his hand, but St. Paul shook it off into a fire.Despite the contrary expectations of the island's people he did not die, but remained unharmed and cured the father of the Governor Publius.He stayed three days on Malta enjoying the kindness of the people and preaching to them.
The Holy Father's visit is thus rich in symbolism at the present time. Heroically serene Benedict XVI is surrounded by the scoundrel vip…

VOCATION The Rich Young Man

Extract from "THE PUBLIC LIFE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST " by Archbishop Alban Goodier S.J.

"As Jesus came along with the approving crowd around Him,the heart of the young man was stirred. Jesus was a good man, Jesus was inspiring, Jesus professed to teach, and actually taught, what made men grander and more noble. Even for such as he, this young man thought within himself, He might have some seasonable word to give.Jesus spoke much of the Kingdom of Heaven,of eternal life; in that He seemed to place the goal of perfect being. Therefore, thought this young man, if he would win a word of counsel from Him, he too must make eternal life his goal. The people round Jesus were enthusiastic for Him; they would approve nothing more than deference shown to Him; therefore, thought this young man, to pay Him public reverence would only add to his own reputation. His mind was soon made up; when Jesus came by , he would do the right thing. He would pay Him respect; he would treat Him…