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 Serving With the Angels

How fortunate we are to be alive when such a great demonstration of the action of God’s Grace occurs! For that is what Pope Benedict’s marvelous visit to England and Scotland has been - a great demonstration of the action of God’s Grace. Who could fail to notice the difference between the visit itself and the chorus of its deriders and opponents, particularly in the immediate lead-up to the Holy Father’s arrival? Now the Humanists Society and its eminent signatories, Prof. Dawkins, the ABC, the BBC, the homosexuals and abortionists are shown to be empty vessels – they make the most noise but they deliver nothing!

All but 500 years have passed since King Henry VIII began the Deformation of Christ’s Church in England. For most of that time, the propaganda machinery of the English Government has worked upon the minds of its subjects to wipe out the memory of the previous 1,200 years of Catholic Faith and history which is their heritage. Generation after gene…


The Monster’s “Vicar General”

Thomas Crumwell fell far and fast. Here we quote from Gasquet’s “HENRY VIII AND THE ENGLISH MONASTERIES” (1899):

“By a nemesis of fate he passed to the scaffold suddenly, almost untried, and certainly unheard in his own defence, and this was possibly by virtue of an Act he had devised and obtained, to get rid of inconvenient rivals and others bold enough to oppose his lawless policy or thwart his schemes. Rumors had not been wanting that the Minister’s influence over Henry had not been so paramount, for some time before his final disgrace. The King, to whom Wolsey had “”kneeled the space sometimes of three hours to persuade from his will and appetite”, but without success, did not become more easy to lead in Crumwell’s time. Report spoke of scenes in the audience chamber, when the Royal willfulness developed such an extreme of passion as to result in the boxing of Lord Crumwell’s ears right soundly.

Castillon, the French Ambassador, had heard his majest…


From Out the Flaminian Gate

The English stereotypically delight in their (self-imagined) superiority and ascendancy over lesser mortals (everyone else). This self-assurance was famously encapsulated in the phrase “the wogs begin at Calais”. But if anything has regularly caused the “stiff upper lip” to quiver, or the tea cups to rattle, it is the spectre of the Catholic Church. As the Anglican Archbishop of York said in 1850: “Rome’s ever wakeful ambition (is) plotting for our captivity and ruin”, whilst his brother Bishop of London referred to Catholic Priests as : “emissaries of darkness”!

From the Guy Fawkes Plot onward, England was recurrently possessed by bouts of anti-Catholicism – like the pangs of a bad conscience.

In 1850, only 21 years after the Roman Catholic Emancipation Act, after very lengthy consideration, Blessed Pope Pius IX, then only 48 years old, re-established the English Hierarchy. Even before Emancipation, the Catholic population of England was burgeoning, from…



The moral judgment of Henry VIII’s public crimes of sacrilege, murder, bigamy, theft etc. is a matter for God alone. The same is true of those incidentally complicit in his deeds – the purchasers or recipients of stolen Church property: whole estates, selected buildings, lead from roof structures and their massive timbers, jewelry from sacred shrines and vessels etc.And it is not as if this was property simply bought by the Church in the past – no – most of all of this was the sacred gift or bequest of the faithful, clerical and lay and of Royal benefactors, given for devout intentions, dedicated to Almighty God. In the case of the chantries the gift entailed the solemn obligation to pray and offer Holy Mass for the repose of the souls of specific persons. It was a monstrous outrage before God and man.
When we study the record, what do we find? Did the villains prosper?

“God is not mocked “

The modern day visitor to London slowly begins to r…