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Serving with the Angels

Commercially, we are already in the Christmas season. And, individually, as we approach the end of 2010, we feel an urge to hurry a lot of things to a conclusion, to get rid of a lot of accumulated odds and ends, and sub-consciously we begin the process of planning a review of the order of our lives as we prepare to face the New Year. Of course, 1st January will dawn largely indistinguishable from 31st December – except that some revelers may face “the morning after the night before” somewhat the worse for wear. But, in our wonderfully human way, we will seek once again a new beginning, to try again to put order into our lives and hope to reform in some way

It is a good instinct, and at its heart a very Catholic instinct. And, it is one that is valid in every aspect of our lives especially the spiritual. Whilst Christmas is as we know truly about Christ, it is no easy task to keep our minds and hearts TRULY CENTRED on Him in the swirl of pre-Christmas and Ch…

BLOG di Tension builds between the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and orthodox Catholics