Venerable Pope John Paul II THE GREAT
The high-jacking of the public perception of what the Second Vatican Council taught was accomplished by a small coterie of mostly North European prelates with the all too willing collaboration of the mainstream media, and the fundamentally subversive operations of the later Archbishop Annibale Bugnini.

The following extract from the writings of Father Hubert Jedin (1900-1980) shows how subtly such operators have worked in the past.Father Jedin was perhaps the most respected and accomplished Church historian of his time. Reflection on it, shows just how much we owe to the workings of the Holy Spirit in bringing to St.Peter's Chair Pope John Paul the Great. We see how, despite the gravity of the situation and the obstruction of those who sought not the hermeneutic of continuity, but of rupture, he began boldly to lead the Church back from the edge of the abyss of schism. In this historic struggle, his constant co-worker of the Truth was none other than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now - as the phrase used to be - gloriously reigning as Pope Benedict XVI.
Father Hubert Jedin (1900 - 1980)
Father Jedin :

"We know to-day that the inner process of the (Lutheran) schism lasted not years but decades. Melanchthon and Calvin claimed to be "Catholic"until the end of their lives, while the adherents of the old Faith were calumniated as "papists". The faithful long clung to the Mass and to their Saints, but the church regulations introduced by Lutheran magistrates took over many Catholic customs - even processions and pilgrimages.

The bulk of the simple faithful never understood that the "Reformation"was not a reform but the construction of a new church set up on a different basis. In retrospect, one must therefore maintain: the schism of the Church succeeded by nothing so much as by the illusion that it did not exist. That illusion was widespread in Rome and in the German episcopate, among many theologians, among the majority of clergymen and among the people."

As the likes of Cardinals, Mahony (Los Angeles) and Martini (Milan) and Daneels ( Brussels) and others including numerous lesser episcopal small fry - not a few close to home - shuffle or prepare to shuffle out of the Sanctuary, we thank Our Lord and His Vicars on Earth  Venerable Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI for their patient and persistent teaching and leadership of Christ's Church back from the brink of disaster, and seeing off the leaders of rupture and revolt.These latter men were the spiritual heirs of the "modernists"who fought Pope Saint Pius X. The immediate heirs of those men lay "in the long grass" during the two World Wars and the intervening Great Depression,but continued to surreptitiously spread their poison. Then when Vatican II came along their heirs in turn saw their chance.
Pope Benedict XVI
Gentlemanly and  humble, despite his powerful intellect and decades as the Pope's right hand man, Cardinal Ratzinger seemed to the world an unlikely choice to take up the Pastoral Staff which death had  taken from Pope John Paul's hand. But vindicating the Holy Spirit's guidance, the ageing ( now 83 yrs)  Benedict XVI has proven to be the very man to understand what had been achieved and to further and consolidate the work. The enemies of  the unity desired by Christ have been thwarted and the Pope of Christian Unity is even succeeding in bringing lost sheep back to the more and more united fold.


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