IMPRIMATUR Part II

"It is likely therefore, in this instance, that Jesus was using the word "repentance"to urge his brothers and sisters to abandon any thought of armed rebellion against the Romans..."

We Comment:

What planet has the writer come from? Never in the entire course of the Gospels does Our Divine Lord concern Himself with the political situation in Judea. This is as far out as the folk who would have us believe that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was "a lack of hospitality"!! The book Archbishop Bathersby allowed to be printed is lurching ever further away from the reality of Christ.


"Believing that his life's purpose was the inauguration of the Kingdom, Jesus "SUGGESTED that it was still possible for GOD'S people....."

We Comment:

Jesus is God. He does NOT "believe". He "knows". He did not "suggest", He made it clear. Why is the Author trying to systematically befog the reality of what Christ is doing and saying?

Luke 15: 1 to 3
               11 to 32
The Lost Sheep
The Prodigal Son,Unjust Steward,Pharisees, Dives and Lazarus


"This gospel begins with the Pharisees and the Scribes accusing Jesus of reckless behaviour - THIS MAN WELCOMES SINNERS AND EATS WITH THEM. Perhaps the seed for this parable is found in Jesus' own experience of being a "prodigal "son... Jesus knew what it was to be a wildly excessive personality."

We Comment:

This is breathtaking! How can it be distinguished from blasphemy? Jesus Himself gives us the parable of the Prodigal ( Lit. "recklessly wasteful") son- as a figure of Mankind and the constant loving forgiveness and generosity of God the Father.

Jesus' relatives were worried about his confrontations with the Jewish authorities. These authorities were scandalised by His willingness to talk with sinners in His efforts to convert them.

His behaviour was NOT "prodigal"and it was not regarded by the Authorities as being so.
"Wildly excessive"? Where is this nonsense coming from?

JOHN 8 : 1-11
The Woman Caught in Adultery


"Jesus writes in the dust. Jesus refused to play the game. Maybe he was teasing out the situation, MAYBE IT GAVE HIM TIME TO THINK , maybe he was just demonstrating that he would not be intimidated": but certainly his next utterance was masterful".

We Comment:

God made Man needed "time to think"!!! His utterance was "masterful "!!

This is grotesque and demeans Our Lord's Divinity, by suggesting that He, the Master of every situation in the Gospels needed "time to think"!

Then the brilliant mind that so demeans the Divinity, condescends to judge His words "masterful "! It is clear the Author thinks he is dealing with a man and no more. The implications of God made Man from the moment of the Incarnation are lost on him.


"The final word is best left to a female writer, Maria Boulding :

The Pharisees are tense, but Jesus is calm throughout;but he accepts the woman openly and lovingly, as an adult and as a person. He has a sureness of touch; he can handle the situation and the relationship with her because he has nothing to be afraid of in himself ... he must have completely accepted and integrated his own sexuality. Only a man who has done so , or at least begun to do so, can relate properly to a woman."

We Comment :

Marvel of marvels, At first it seems we are to be given the true picture of the God Man fully in control of events. Too much to hope for - no - just a "mere male"who has completely accepted and integrated his own sexuality". YOU SEE, IT IS ALL ABOUT SEX.  NOT SIN. NOT FORGIVENESS. NOT MERCY. NOT THE WOMAN'S ERRANT SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR, NOT THE CROWD OF MEN'S ERRANT SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR - NOT SIN. OF COURSE NOT. JUST THIS MAN STALLING FOR TIME WRITING IN THE DUST- BUT AT LEAST HE HAD HIS SEXUALITY ACCEPTED AND INTEGRATED!


LUKE  23  1 to 25  Jesus before Pilate
                33 to 34   The Crucifixion
                39 to 49    Death on the Cross


"Jesus was well aware of the fate of other prophets, but that did not deter him in the end, it seems to have driven him. Jesus sensed that God would achieve something through his death."

"For Jesus like every human being death was a path into the unknown and unknowable."

".... and even Jesus could not be certain that God's voice would break the silence of death".

                                              CRUCIFIXUS ETIAM PRO NOBIS
We Comment :

All of this is directly hostile to Christian Faith, Catholic teaching and Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium.
We are given the image of a mere man, driven by his human knowledge alone, uncertain of his reason for being, unsure of the consequences of his death and doubtful of a completely "other" God's existence or abilities or interest in him.

Unrecanted, this is HERESY :
denial of Christ's knowledge of His Divinity,
denial of the implications of His Divinity.

Note especially the term "like every human being"- the Author is revealing a personal lack of belief in the Christian Revelation.

                             The Book's Author Father Anthony Mellor (Cap) and  Father Paul Kelly.


Let us look at the setting in which this assault on the catholic Faith has been mounted.We will then see that this is no accident, but part of a deliberate campaign widely mounted in the Archdiocese of Brisbane in 2004.

Firstly, the Book is an official publication of Brisbane Catholic Education, which, among other things had brought us the pedophile Father Ron McKeirnan, and has a number of its Senior staff attending  the notorious St. Mary's South Brisbane. Secondly to confirm its status it has the "Imprimatur"of the Archbishop of Brisbane John A. Bathersby, as does "Father Tom "Two Tables" Elich 's "Liturgy News" which carries direct attacks on the teaching of the Holy See.

The Book boldly rejects the Catholic, Christian division of dates into "A.D."/ "B.C." that is "In the Year of Our Lord"/ "Before Christ" and explicitly chooses "C.E."/ "B.C.E." which it says means "Common Era"/ "Before the Common Era". The terms are not explained , nor do they make sense, but are said to be widely accepted by "scholars". We  are not told which "scholars"or for what reasons. The real reason is obvious -  to get rid of Christ as the defining reference point in the history of the world. The intention is anti-Christ.

Two millenia of Catholic recognition of the unique place of the Saviour in human history is set aside for some unmentionable affection or affiliation, abusing the official apparatus of the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Six examples of "Christian"lives are presented as examples one was Martin Luther King whose extra-marital affairs are notorious in the U.S.A. and another is a Nun whose sexual orientation has been the subject of a major expose. Not one is a Saint ancient or modern.

All Sacred Scripture quotations are taken from the New Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition not specified) of the Bible. Since 1992 the Holy See has banned its use for liturgical or catechetical purposes because of serious defects in alterations made to its text. The defects are dramatic and undermine the Christological significance of key Scriptural passages, among other faults.


The Book is :
a gesture of contempt for Christ and the Catholic Faith,
a gesture of contempt for the Authority of the Church, and
an attempt to subvert the Faith of practising Catholics.

"Nihil Obstat"Father Rush ?

"Imprimatur" Archbishop Bathersby??

"What is Truth?" Pontius Pilate your time has come ! Order up a hand basin and some water!
But no, it will take more than a hand basin to wash away the guilt of this work.




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