Bishop Gregory O'Kelly S.J. of Port Pirie
Not many of the Australian Catholic Bishops are reported as using the Internet to communicate, Bishop Geffrey Jarrett  of Lismore does, and now out of Rome, Bishop Gregory O'Kelly S.J. of Port Pirie has sent a message to his Diocese covering in general what the Bishops are doing and will be doing. It includes one interesting snippet :

"Of particular interest will be a meeting of all the bishops with Cardinal Levada of the Holy Office and Cardinal Ouellet, head of the Congregation for Bishops, on matters concerning the Toowoomba diocese. That takes place at 9.00am Friday 14th."

This of  course was foreshadowed in the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Press Release agreeing with the removal of the former Bishop of Toowoomba. No doubt it was a sop to the few rogues who could see that they desrved the same justice themselves. There have since been a few notable Episcopal Morris Mourners, principally Bishop "Call me Brian"Heenan and Bishop James Foley of Rockhampton and Cairns respectively. They have gone so far as to liken Morris'"sufferings"to those of Our Divine Lord Himself. 

In all the circumstances, this is a hideous thing to say.Our Lord is innocence itself. Morris' infamous record is contained in his own writings and in his disrespectful treatment of the Holy See and his media performances. He should have been "sollevato"long before - the Holy Father showed years of patient endurance of his efforts at wilful
 contempt for doctrine and discipline.

No doubt the Heenan & Foley duo would want to "tell them a thing or two" ( but Bishop Putney would want to keep his nose clean and Archbishop Bathersby would hope to sit waffling on the fence). Heenan of course does not count for anything , having resigned and having told his Priests so and that it has been accepted if not officially publicised). But rather than "telling", it is most likely that complainants WILL BE TOLD ,with all due fraternal affection that abuse of doctrine and the sacraments (Penance especially in this case) cannot be tolerated in successors of the Apostles.

I suspect that anyone raising his head above the parapet to support the Mourners, will be left to their own fate by the majority.

Thinking of Cardinal Ouellet and his responsibilities as Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, it is interesting to consider his tendency to propose younger appointees where possible even for very significant Sees The latest is the appointment by the Holy Father to the See of Manila Capital of the Phillipines of Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle who at 54 yrs of age is said to be the youngest of the Phillipines' Bishops. He is the 32nd Archbishop of Manila.

Let us pray that the same approach of generational change will come to Australia so that we may with increasing speed "push out into the deep"away from the shoals created by the intellectual detritus of the post-Conciliar period - re-invigorated and reformed.


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