BISHOP DAVID WALKER'S SYNOD - RAND CORPORATION RIDES AGAIN Ecclesiocrats find a reason for being - They'll tell you what you all thought.

Bishop David Walker (left of pic) .

The late President John F.Kennedy was said to have quipped to an aide as Air Force One prepared to land in Los Angeles "Boy!  We're really in LaLa Land now !"It is good to have an accurate appreciation of where you are going. Before we take you into the wonders of Broken Bay Diocese , whose Bishop David Walker turns 75 on 13th November, 2013, just a tad over 2 years away, let us quote an extract from the Catholic News Service story accompanying the above picture"taken in 2008 in the Newcastle NSW Anglican Cathedral:

"The congregation was called to prayer by the sound of the didgeridoo, followed by a smoking ceremony.
Recognising the reconciling elements of water and fire within Aboriginal culture and the centrality and commonality of baptism within the Anglican and Catholic traditions, Anglican Bishops Brian Farran and Graeme Rutherford (Diocese of Newcastle) and Catholic Bishops Michael Malone * and David Walker (Dioceses of Maitland-Newcastle and Broken Bay) gathered with Aboriginal elders at the Baptismal font. They prayed over the water together, before sprinkling the congregation."
Then the ecumenists got together and signed an Ecumenical Co-operation Covenant, as you do, on the altar of  the Anglican Cathedral.
*Bishop Malone has since resigned early and his resignation has been accepted.
At least it wasn't a validly consecrated Altar as in this case , with a notable cast:
Anglican Aspinall, Archbishop Bathersby ( who has resigned on reaching 75 and whose replacement is pending) and now deposed Bishop Morris using the Altar of Saint Stephen's Cathedral as a desk to sign an Ecumenical Covenant (as they do.) Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher -Pray for us.

In order to avoid the "monthly Family Mass "at 9.30 a.m. with its banalities in music and song - I won't say hymns, and whining American schmaltz on CD's piped through the sound system, my wife and I went to the 7.45 a.m. Mass. Joy of joys  Fr. Mariusz Adamczyk SDS- it is a Salvatorian Parish, was back from Poland after 5 weeks visiting his ailing Father. He is young, very devout , reverent and thoughtful in his homilies  and super fit, as is evident from the spring in his step. Great !
But we can't have things all our own way, and projections onto the front walls announced further steps toward a Diocesan Synod. And there was no Homily but Father sat dutifully as the projectors exhibited a video of Bishop David Walker sitting in a Library and wearing his mandatory grey sports jacket with his clerical collar earnestly, but smilingly spoke about the results of the Synod Consultations - 6,000 of them .

                    Bishop David Walker and mandatory Sports Jacket
Evidently everyone thought it all boiled down to :
.Integrate Faith and Life
.Engage and Participate, and
.Reach Out
And that was the end of Phase One.
A full colour 6 Page Trifold Brochure re-inforced all of this.It posed 6 questions on each point that "everyone thought"and asked for feedback.
Now  aren't you just burning with "ownership" of all that? Long term readers of this Blog will recognize the Rand Corporation process in all this( See Protecting the Church   ), and will wince at the thought of the butcher's paper consumed in the process , and the thought of the Facilitator's Fees, and the stress on the Ecclesiocrats as they carefully massaged what people said into what everyone had to think. Yes, times are tough.But wait there's more! Down the track is the big Jamboree, sorry the carefully prepared Synod itself . Even the seating arrangements and composition of the groups - everything is fine tuned to drown out the orthodox and the texts and tone and programme and Facilitation must all be in the proper hands.
You see its all been done several years ago - in Brisbane where surprisingly everyone thought of three concepts : Jesus , Communion, Mission ( Ummmm Faith.., Engage..., Reach Out). Probably the template came from Minneapolis in  deposed Archbishop Rembert Weakland's day as did the whole of Brisbane's Pastoral Planning - brought back by Weakland's good friend the late Auxiliary James Cuskelly to his Archbishop Francis Rush, also a friend of Weakland.
And so the intellectual detritus of the 1960's continues to wash about corners of the Australian Church as it awaits the coming reform of the Episcopate.Let us pray that we will return to "teach, to sanctify and to govern"and be free of manipulated Jamborees.


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