Time is honoured and marked by Big Ben housed in Mr Pugin's glorious tower  at the Palace  of Westminster - the British Houses of Parliament

As the above images show, we humans tend to take time rather seriously. If anyone was disposed not to do so , Abraham Lincoln's dictum would be enough to bring him to his senses : "Don't waste time, its the stuff life is made of!" At 71years of age, I have begun to recognise a developing intellectual "panic"(NOT an emotional one thank Heaven!)  at the realisation that if I am given another 10 or more years , I shall be fortunate. There is a lot to do and an unknown time to do it. The Parable of the talents does not make for comfortable reading.

So, I was perfectly well - primed to read this in my good friend Dr. Matt Tan's excellent Blog "THE DIVINE WEDGIE":
"The Christian whilst inhabiting this time, also inhabits a realm where time is not.We are
reminded of this in our repetition of a Nicene Creed that is almost neatly bookended by references to time. We recall that the Jesus we worship is"eternally begotten by the Father " and we remind ourselves at the very conclusion of the Creed that our life in the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church"involves looking for"the life of the world to come". In our discipleship, how often do we overlook this traversing of time. "  

Please go across and read the whole piece at

The DIVINE WEDGIE   will always reward a visit with plenty of insightful thought, well written. 

Time is celebrated and marked by this magnificent clock in the former Gare D 'Orsay no longer a splendid railway terminal, but the wonderful Gallerie D'Orsay in Paris.

We are right to take time seriously, but always need to regard its slight significance in the face of  no time which is Eternity. Only then do we begin to get an inkling of the awesome event that was the Incarnation - God breaking into time from all Eternity for our salvation. "Lord I am not worthy...." only begins to frame a reaction.

And all the while we must keep our mind's eye on that "vitam venturi saeculi"( the life of the world to come") of which Matt Tan speaks, and which the Church has been praying about for centuries. This was what Saint Peter was referring to in his marvellous exhortation : " your hearts reverence Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you......" - that is the hope of eternal life with God Himself.


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