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NO matter what the lofty inspirations with which they are commissioned some bells contain flaws that are not at first apparent, but after a time in use they CRACK..
The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia great symbol of freedom for Americans  - it is cracked  as you see.

Such was the case with the Liberty Bell. We don't have to see it to know that it is cracked, on the ceremonial occasions it has been "rung"the discordant muted "donk"sound tells us immediately that it is cracked.

The original bell of St. Stephen's Carhedral Brisbane, cast by the same English foundry which cast the Liberty Bell, it is also cracked

Closer to home, the original Bell of Saint Stephen's Cathedral, cast by the same foundry in England that cast the Liberty Bell, also cracked.

But that is not the end of cracked bells in the Catholic Church in Queensland   or even Australia.
They sometimes come in Episcopal Robes! Two of the worst cases are the deposed Bishop William Morris ( ex Bishop of Toowoomba)  and Bishop Pat Power (  Auxiliary of Canberra-Goulburn.)

You just have to hear them and you know :


"....Several responses have been discussed internationally, nationally and locally:
ordaining married, single or widowed men who are chosen and endorsed by their local community;
welcoming former priests, married or single back to active ministry;
ordaining women, married or single;
recognising Anglican, Lutheran and Uniting Church Orders."
(Pastoral Letter -Advent 2006)                                                                                                        
See the full text of the letter here:


Now, courtesy of a Jesuit ( no surprise in modern times) anti- orthodox Catholicism, and Left inclined magazine, we have the text of a letter to the Editor of the magazine signed by Bishop Pat Power Auxiliary of  Canberra-Goulburn and long time dissident. :

"This letter was written in August as a response to the pain of the Toowoomba Catholics, a group of whom had written to the Australian Bishops in the aftermath of Bishop Bill Morris' sacking. Many of the questions that letter raised are on the hearts of lots of faithful and loyal Catholics across Australia in these days.
I was not at the recent Ad Limina visit in Rome, but I feel for many of the Australian Bishops who must have found themselves in an extremely difficult position following the meetings at the Vatican. I know that many of them have similar deep concerns as I do over the treatment of one our best brother bishops. 
I am responding to your 3 August letter with the accompanying petition containing 2722 signatures expressing concern around a number of aspects of the forced retirement of Bishop William Morris. I note from your letter that a further 411 signatures have since been added.
At the outset, I wish to express my deep disappointment at the treatment Bishop Morris has received. Like you, I see him and the whole diocese as being victims of a great miscarriage of justice.
When I gave the priests' retreat in Toowoomba in 2003, when I spent time in the diocese during the National Council of Priests Convention in 2006 and in many other instances when I have observed with admiration so many positive features of the diocese, I have consistently been given the impression not only that the Diocese of Toowoomba was 'in good shape' but that it was responding positively to the Second Vatican Council's vision for the Church today.

My observations showed a far-flung diocese doing everything possible to see that individual and community needs were being met in Christ-like fashion with healthy ecumenical and community relations and with a real care for issues of justice, peace and development.I saw Bishop Morris' inspiring leadership as being an integral part of such a healthy local Church. I noted too the strong bonds of communion existing between bishop, clergy and the faithful.
In an age when so many people both within and outside the Catholic fold are asking legitimate questions about the life of the Church today, Bishop Morris courageously gave voice to such issues.
Among his strengths are that he is a good listener, that he has never lost touch with the 'joys and the hopes, the griefs and anxieties' of his people, and that he courageously attempts to have the Church respond as Jesus himself would have done.
As a close friend of Bishop Morris and sharing his vision for the Church today, I have been aware for a number of years of his problems with the Holy See. I have admired the way in which he has loyally done everything possible to remain in communion with the Pope as the successor of Peter. I admired how step by step he tried to have an honest conversation with Vatican officials and finally with the Pope himself. I do not believe that he always felt that there was genuine reciprocity in the dialogue.
Surely in a healthy Church we should be able to 'speak the truth in love'. I do not believe any of us are doing justice to the mission of Jesus when we neglect to name the issues which are haemorrhaging the Church at the moment.
Our current woes around sexual abuse should provide important lessons here. It is not insignificant that Bishop Morris provided excellent leadership in this domain locally, nationally and internationally.
I note your questions to the Australian Bishops Permanent Committee which met earlier this month. I note from the minutes of that Committee that its members are resolved to take up your issues as part of the upcoming Ad Limina visit to Rome.
For my part, I wish to express my solidarity with all the people of Toowoomba Diocese in these difficult times. I add my voice to Bishop Morris' plea for you not to walk away from the Church as you might be tempted to do. It is your spiritual home as much as it is Pope Benedict's.
Like Bishop Morris we all need to act with faith, hope and love and with his passion for truth and justice. More than ever, our world today needs the message of Jesus. You people of Toowoomba are in a unique position to witness to that in the best of the Catholic tradition

Pat PowerBishop Pat Power is auxiliary Bishop of Canberra-Goulburn.

Both of these Bishops were validly consecrated, and like the bells, they looked like normal Bishops, but that was when they were "made". In use their flaws have been disclosed , through their words and actions, flaws which are immediately apparent to the ear of Faith which is attuned to Truth and Fidelity to Christ and His Holy Church.They just don't ring true.
It would be tedious to analyse fully Bishop Power's whining ,partisan letter which so glibly flies in the face of the facts. But let us look at one phrase : " In an age when so many people..." Bishop Power is a true child of the post Conciliar false " spirit of the Council ",  mesmerised by "the signs of the times". Instead of noting them and applying the remedy of Truth. Rather than teaching, sanctifying and governing in the Church he concentrates on what people say (selected New Church  inclined people of course , addicts of the Hermeneutic of Rupture) . But what is needed is to teach the Truth, not to sit fascinated and nodding approval of dissent.
Of course, in their hearts, it seems both Bishop Morris and Bishop Power hunger and long for their dream of a New Church the " grand " ideal of their Hermeneutic of Rupture. They see it faded and fading faster and faster, along with its advocates .
It is the Catholic Church of all ages infused with Christ Who assured her that He is with her " all days even till the end of the world", which has won the hearts of the burgeoning Catholic youth, of Africa and Asia and even the West. It must be hard for a worn out Revolutionary who sees the cause is lost, and some just don't go gracefully.


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