The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of Archbishop John A.Bathersby of Brisbane , which was tendered when Archbishop Bathersby reached 75 last July. As we speculated some days ago Archbishop Bathersby would not have wanted to return to his position after his customary holiday following Christmas Eve. Now he is already free. His Episcopate has had many regrettable features and has allowed the rot which began to set in in the time of Archbishop Francis Rush , to become institutionalised. 

In an unusual move for such a significant Diocese, the Holy Father has not immediately appointed a Successor, instead appointing as Apostolic Administrator Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett of Lismore ( who will himself pass the 75 years of age mark on 1st December, 2012. Bishop Jarrett is a thoroughly orthodox and holy man , a true gentleman and scholar , and a former Chairman of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy and still active in supporting its work.

It would be difficult in his role as Apostolic Administrator to reform too much, yet he should be able to see that no further major abuses take place and that official documents are free from error.

The appointment of an interim Apostolic Administrator is a measure of the complexity of the problem facing the Holy See in Australia, where about one third of the Episcopate is due for replacement within the next 18 months. It is a major opportunity to replace the detritus of the post-Conciliar shambles with good and orthodox Bishops and shift the balance of the Australian Bishops Conference from an orthodox minority to a solid orthodox majority.

Their will be great relief among faithful Catholics that the easily moved Bishop Michael Putney - who wrote in an infamous Pastoral Letter that the Eucharist is a "symbol" - has been left in Townsville.


Bishop Jarrett, himself a convert from Anglicanism very many years ago, will also for the first time bring to Brisbane an authentic understanding of true Ecumenism free of the abuses of the past. His many friends in Brisbane will greatly rejoice at this compliment to him, whilst recognising the very heavy trial it will be.

Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett once years ago asked someone what he thought the next Archbishop of Brisbane should do? The response was "" lay about him with an axe!". Bishop Jarrett is not a ruthless man, and no Christian should be,. But he is very far from being a fool and anyone who seeks to treat him as such ought to take care. He loves the Sacred Liturgy in all its Forms and the winds of change will reach St. Stephen's Cathedral at last! 

May God bless, prosper and defend Bishop Jarrett in the exercise of his office and strengthen his arm !

Urbs Beata and now Urbs Felix! Gaudete et Laetare Brisbane!


What a tremendous answer to prayer! My heart is full of joy!
I read somewhere that when Bishop Jarrett converted to Catholicism in Rockhampton, he came down to Brisbane to enter the seminary but was rejected by Archbishop Rush. I just can't help but to think of the biblical quote, "the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone."

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