Here is the text of a recent report from "THE CATHOLIC LEADER"(BRISBANE ARCHDIOCESE)
with emphasis added:

In St.John's Anglican Cathedral - Bishop Finnigan Apostolic Administrator of Toowoomba, Anglican Aspinall, and Archbishop Bathersby lighting the one candle.." how many Ecumenists does it take..." Anglican Aspinall seems hard put to restrain a smile - small wonder considering the other two are validly ordained.

CATHOLICS and Anglicans gathered at St John's Cathedral, Brisbane, on November 10 for the annual service of Prayer for Reconciliation for the Brisbane and Toowoomba dioceses of the two Churches.Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of Brisbane represented the Anglican Church, and was joined by Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane and apostolic administrator of Toowoomba Bishop Brian Finnigan, from the Catholic Church.
Archbishop Bathersby preached the homily.He said they gathered as "Anglicans and Roman Catholics to praise and worship God and to recognise the fact that we are Christians who acknowledge the magnificence of Jesus Christ".
"Together we share so much, the similarity and beauty of our liturgy, our proclamation of the Gospel, the fullness and power of our sacraments, our combined concern for the poor and needy of the world, and finally but not least the magnificent style and colour of our liturgical clothing and the sheer beauty of our music," Archbishop Bathersby said.
He said coming together as Christians meant "a great deal for all of us"."Ever so slowly we are beginning to realise together how deeply we love Jesus and how much we will be able to contribute together to a better world," he said."Please God, in these most interesting, not depressing, times, that God will continue to show us a way forward."
 We had hoped to be able to refrain from any further comment on the now former Archbishop of Brisbane, but this report of Archbishop Bathersby's sayings makes one wonder if it wasn't the occasion of the Holy See's decision to bring about the acceptance of his resignation. Let us look at his words :

He says that Catholics and Anglicans "share"the proclamation of the Gospel". But do we in fact? The Catholic Church preaches the Gospel fully , authentically and as she was commissioned by her founder Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of England , or should we limit ourselves to the Anglican Church of Australia in its Brisbane manifestation? It preaches falsely that it has valid Orders which it does not. So that in that respect it does not "teach the same Gospel". Equally it preaches that the Primacy of the Pope as authentically established by Christ, does not exist, so that again it does not teach "the same Gospel".At the same time it teaches that the Queen of England is its Head - directly contrary to the Gospel teaching concerning Christ's Church - again"not " the same Gospel"!!

 Then His Grace said that Catholics and Anglicans share "the fullness and power of our sacraments". Save in the case of Baptism and Marriage which can be validly ( though not always licitly) administered by any lay person intending what the Church intends, this is nothing less than heretical rubbish. As we know definitively from Pope Leo XIII's Encyclical "Apostolicae Curae" Anglican "Orders" are absolutely Null and Void - they are NOTHING.  Therefore it follows that all efforts by the recipients of those nullities to replicate the  remaining Sacraments entrusted to the Catholic Church by Christ are themselves Null and Void . 

We DO NOT "SHARE "the same sacraments, rather any Catholic of integrity can only look on with at best, pity at Anglican efforts to replicate the form of the Sacraments whilst lacking entirely the substance of them.

And what a cheeky hide he had in those circumstances, to use the words "the fullness and power"!

Compared to his outrageous remarks above, what follows is minor but reflective of the triviality at work :

"...and finally but not least the magnificent style and colour of our liturgical clothing....."

Enough said! On the part of the Archbishop too much (wrong) said!

Now retired Archbishop Bathersby
We wish His Grace a silent retirement in his beloved Granite Belt Apple prone hometown of Stanthorpe! We hope he "likes them apples"better than we liked his sayings.


Monica said…
Bet this is the first time for years that a bishop with responsibility for Toowoomba has been dressed like that!

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