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Who would expect a routine Letterbox drop from our local Member of Federal Parliament , in one of its items, to call to mind the Pharisees?

I was first attracted to the item tucked away on page 4 by the heading ( the purpose of headings after all) which seemed to be an acronym I did not know, here is the item in full - it needs to be borne in mind that the wealthy suburb of St. Ives has a large population of South African emigre' Jews :-


The recent proposal for an "eruv" in St.Ives has attracted considerable attention. Consisting of aerial wires strung between poles, its construction requires ( local Council) planning approval. As with planning matters generally, there must be an assessment of community benefit and detriment. The eruv offers a tangible benefit to orthodox Jews, as it allows them to do things which are otherwise banned on the Sabbath, such as pushing babies in strollers. With Ku-ring-gai Council having chosen not to grant approval, the matter will now go to the Land  & Environment Court."

I am amazed that this type of thinking still persists, and even more that it should seek to manifest itself in Australia. It should not be remotely considered that the Council's decision is anti-Semitic. In fact the proliferation of ugly wires has long been a hot issue and is currently being exacerbated by the politically infamous $60 /90 Billion  National Broadband Network roll-out. 

                                     Phylactery worn by Orthodox Jew

But the dead spirit behind this proposed set of wires - a human invention to circumvent Sacred Scripture as it is being interpreted, calls to mind last Sunday's Gospel :

"They bind heavy burdens, hard to bear and lay them on men's shoulders..."(Matt. 23: 4). The Chapter goes on beyond the selected Gospel reading with the verses each beginning "Woe to you " - Pharisees, Scribes "blind guides" and from the Divine lips comes the scorching condemnation "Hypocrites!"

How very sad, that 2,000 years on, people are still trapped in this sterile mentality which God Himself has told us He despises. The Law of Love is offered to them still... "Come to Me , all you who labour and are burdened and I will give you rest!"(Matt. 11:28)And again ".......How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!"(Matt.23:37)

"I AM THE WAY , THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE..."( John 14:6) We should pray for the conversion of the Jews which Our Divine Lord sought so vigorously.


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