When Bishop Peter Elliott, Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne , and Delegate of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on Anglicanorum Coetibus matters, spoke at Sacred Heart Parish Hall Pymble last night it was unseasonably cool. But the attendance was good with about 50 people both Catholic and Anglican in attendance. Father Borg the Administrator of the nearby Cathedral of the Broken Bay also happened to attend as did another reporter , from the Sydney Morning Herald. Unlike the reporters of old who reported the news, the young lady seemed to be trying to make the news by asking what she hoped were questions that were "clever"or that woul evoke a controversial response. No luck.

The Bishop, fresh from the present meetings of the Bishops Conference at North Sydney, and not long back from Rome where he was involved in close discussion with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which has carriage of the issues, was unable to announce a commencement date for the Australian Ordinariate. He expects that it will be in early 2012 and noted that the American Ordinariate has recently been approved by the Holy See to commence on 1st January,2012. He noted that the American project had found its way made smoother by the existence of 7 or 8 Anglican Use Parishes which had already made the resolution of many issues in the recent past. However in the case of Australia, the problems  of wide geographical distribution and smaller numbers, created many problems that are being addressed. Another set of problems surrounds the finding of available churches.

Bishop Elliott made it clear that he could not address the cases of particular individuals - on obvious allusion to the Hepworth issues. This was hardly surprising.

He pointed out that most Anglican Clergy whose applications for admission and Ordination are being processed by the Holy See are having no problem in finding a Catholic Priest to be their sponsor. However he expressed the view that lay Catholics wanting to sponsor lay Anglicans seeking admission to the Ordinariate would need to be forthcoming.

All in all His Lordship believed the Ordinariate project was developing well with the ready assistance of the Catholic Bishops individually and in Conference.He showed how effective the provisions of the Papal Documents were proving in anticipating and dealing with the many complicated issues that arise. This all bodes well for the launch of the Australian and American Ordinariates as it has in the English Ordinariate which is about to see its second wave of admissions and is beginning to look forward to a third!

The meeting could only be seen as very successful - a view shared by Catholics present and Anglicans alike.


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