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The Parish Priest of Caloundra until VERY recently, Father John Dobson has apparently resigned , but according to local sources will remain Chancellor of the local Sunshine Coast ( note the Stole ) University an office he has held for about 4Years ( Safety Net?) - He is known on their Website as Mr.Dobson.

We know nothing of the occasion of Father Dobson's resignation.

He has long been spoken of as the "bishop"of his own imagined "diocese".

He also has an Order of Australia Medal like several media mentioned clerics in Adelaide Archdiocese. 

The above photo is telling in several of its details.


Sometime, late on Christmas Eve, or very early Christmas Morning,(NO YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S COMING NEXT!) the 20,000 th Visitor to our little Blog since we signed up to Clustermaps on 19th February,2011, will drop in to visit. 

That is very pleasing. It is a great joy to me to see the variety of wonderful, even amazing places from which our visitors come. Not only that Urbs Beata : Brisbane, but even Urbs Aeterna and the Holy See .But also places of which I have such fond memories in the United States :NYC, L.A., Ephrata even (none yet from Stockbridge Mass. or Fairfield Ill.) and beyond the U.S.A. London and and Edinburgh and Dublin and Berlin and all of Bella Italia and places I've never been in Holland ( Happy Christmas Groningen) and Poland and China(we won't say where) and Africa . You visitors all make me very humble  and grateful for your interest in things that interest me ,and the love of the Catholic Church I am sure we share, and I wish each and every one of y…


These are words which every good Father would make his own, even if he does not have the eloquence or the personality to so fully open his heart.

So, even if your Father has gone on before , as mine has, or is not in your company for some odd reason this Christmas Day, bring him to mind , and respond generously to that love that surrounded you as you grew. And waits for you yet. 

And remember great and good Saint Thomas More a model of Catholic Fatherhood who gave his very life for his Faith.

Remember above all, the devotion God made Man always expressed to His Father with Whom He is One. 


"WHEN I WAS TOWARD THE LAW..." Part I When I first planned to do a post with the title "When I was toward the Law....", I had in mind resuming the recollections of my life, and that quote from St. Thomas More in the movie( in this it is more accurate than the play which says when I was practising the Law)) "A Man For All Seasons"(the Paul Schofield version , of course!) came to mind as being useful. I will get to those recollections in Part III.

But two obstacles stood before my proceeding immediately with what I had planned. Firstly, my abounding admiration of the Saint, and secondly and a lower plane my admiration for the Paul Schofield film of Robert Bolt's play "A Man for All Seasons".

St. Thomas More was surely the most brilliant and truly noble Englishman to have lived. Quite apart from, his sanctity, which is his highest achievement - we remember Our Lord's exhortation to "Be Holy as your Heavenly Father Is Holy"(Matt 5 : 4…


The legal maxim is "Nemo dat quod non habet"- that is, "No-one gives what he does not have."It is an obvious fact in matters of personal property, real estate and rights.
But it is no less applicable in the area of knowledge. If you don't know where you are, you can't tell anyone where you are. In the same way, if you don't know about the Catholic Faith you cannot teach it to someone else.
There is a parallel situation in which one might know something about the Catholic Faith and yet be blissfully ignorant of other things about the Faith. In such a case, we can say that you do not know what you do not know. A teacher in that situation is like a "bull in a China shop" lurching around and doing harm even when they think they are doing good.  When, to compound their problems, teachers are not required to teach from an authentic text or texts, you have a prescription for disaster.
This is the situation the yet to be appointed new Archbishop of Brisb…




One of the most scholarly bishops ever to be involved in the care of an Australian flock, Michael Sheehan was born on 17th December, 1870 at Waterford in Ireland. he was educated St. John's College Waterford before going on to Tertiary studies at Oxford, the University of Grufswold and the University of Bonn.
His studies for the Priesthood were undertaken at Maynooth-Mother of so many Priests who built up the Church in Australia. he was ordained Priest on16th June, 1895. Great scholar that he was, he joined the professorial staff of Maynooth and became Vice-President of the Seminary in 1919. He was a leading activist in the restoration of the Gaelic language, as well as being a Latin and Greek scholar.
At 51 years of age he was appointed Co-Adjutor Archbishop of Sydney and consecrated on 28th May, 1922 cum jure successionis to Archbishop Kelly
What a remarkable apostolate was his during the 15 succeeding years in Australia. The hallmarks of his episcopal labours in Australia were his…


Yesterday's appointment of Father Michael Kennedy as Bishop of Armidale N.S.W. has, as we said, begun the series of appointments that must be made in the coming weeks and months.It has, we noted foreshadowed continuing generational change.

Who might fit that mould in some of the appointments to come? Consider three possibilities: 

Father Peter Joseph is a Priest of the Wagga Wagga Diocese. He a Doctorate in Dogmatic Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, and has been Dean of Studies at Vianney College Seminary, that institution founded by Bishop William Brennan which was the first step in returning orthodox Catholic teaching to Seminaries in Australia. Father was later to be appointed for several years as the Secretary to the Maronite Bishop of Sydney and as a Lecturer, the spearhead of the return to Catholic orthodoxy at the Catholic Institute of Sydney.He is currently Parish Priest of suburban Flemington Parish in Sydney's West. He edited,revised, and up-dated Arch…


The appointment to-day of Father Michael Kennedy of the Diocese of Wagga Wagga, until now Parish Priest of Leeton in rural N.S.W. as Bishop of Armidale N.S.W. breaks the log jam in the large number of appointments now due and coming due in the Australian Episcopate. In one way, the appointment is surprising, for it would appear that Bishop Luc Matthys whom he succeeds could have been left in place , not being in any remote way, a "problem" Bishop.

Father Kennedy has served for a number of years as the Chairman of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy. This fact is evidence,  of his orthodoxy and support for the Magisterium.The new Bishop is 43 years old, having been born on 13th May, 1968.He was Ordained Priest on 14th August, 1999. He has a Diploma in Pedagogy, a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Urban University (1999) and a Diploma in Mariology from the Pontifical Theological Faculty "Marianum".

The new Bishop has wide pastoral experience…


"Haec Dies"...This is the day, but unlike the prayer which goes on "..which the Lord has made...", this is the day , the anniversary of the day,  "which will live in infamy". For to-day is the 70 TH Anniversary of the cowardly Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which began the War in the Pacific.

Father Aloysius Schmitt was a 32 yrs old Catholic Priest, serving in the United States Navy as a Chaplain with the rank of Lieutenant(JG) -Junior Grade. He served on one of the United States'Navy's Pacific Fleet Battleships - U.S.S. OKLAHOMA . Sunday morning had dawned beautifully at his Pacific island base.Father's day began like any other in his recently-commenced Naval career as Chaplain ,which had begun nearly 6 months ago on 28th June. He celebrated Holy Mass for the Catholic members of the crew at 0615 and, after making his thanksgiving, slid his Breviary into his jacket pocket.

U.S.S.OKLAHOMA was moored in the tropical charm of Pearl Harbour. Situa…

THE SEMINARY : LIFE AND LEAVING Previous Posts in this Series may be found at BUT NOUGHT

Holy Week and Easter are, dare I risk being accused of a pun, crucial times in the Church's liturgical and spiritual life. I have loved them since I was a little child, and year by year, my love has grown as my knowledge and appreciation have grown. The liturgical ceremonies were conducted with all appropriate devotion at St. Columba's.
At the completion of the Easter Vigil,  very late in the night, we repaired to the Refectory to celebrate Easter in a human way with an abundant supply of various cakes -  the Nuns in the Kitchen had excelled themselves. And there was also Coffee!!This very special High Tea was greeted with simple joy and a genuine air of relaxed celebration.

As I said, we had designated tables for our meals. There was a Table Prefect appointed for each table, responsible for organizing collection of the food from the kitchen servers. The food was prepared by Nuns, though I only ever got distant glimpses of them. The food was then served onto the plate…