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The legal maxim is "Nemo dat quod non habet"- that is, "No-one gives what he does not have."It is an obvious fact in matters of personal property, real estate and rights.

But it is no less applicable in the area of knowledge. If you don't know where you are, you can't tell anyone where you are. In the same way, if you don't know about the Catholic Faith you cannot teach it to someone else.

There is a parallel situation in which one might know something about the Catholic Faith and yet be blissfully ignorant of other things about the Faith. In such a case, we can say that you do not know what you do not know. A teacher in that situation is like a "bull in a China shop" lurching around and doing harm even when they think they are doing good.  When, to compound their problems, teachers are not required to teach from an authentic text or texts, you have a prescription for disaster.

This is the situation the yet to be appointed new Archbishop of Brisbane will be confronted with, and it will be the same for the appointees in Toowoomba and Rockhampton also to come.

The Catholic Education Office of the Archdiocese did not adopt the Religious Education texts developed by the Archdiocese of Melbourne some years ago when Archbishop Pell, then Archbishop of Melbourne decided to set in train the reform of the then equally lost Catholic Education Office he inherited from the late Archbishop Frank Little whose Coat of Arms bore the Motto "Kyrie Eleison"("Lord Have Mercy On Us")!

 Those texts are now in use in a suitably adapted form in the Archdiocese of Sydney and the Diocese of Lismore among others. But the Schools of the Archdiocese of Brisbane remain blissfully free of authentic texts. There are of course good and faithful teachers who do their best to make good the deficiency. But many others do not know what they do not know, and, confronted by a warped Curriculum locally developed, crash on teaching "niceness" and warm and fuzzier instead of the Truth. The chances of children learning the authentic Catholic Faith in those circumstances are dubious to say the least. The anecdotal evidence is horrendous. The situation is made even worse by the official attitude adopted toward the Catechism of the Catholic Church being one that varies from benign neglect at best, to outright hostility and ridicule at worst.

The entire cultural ambience is poisoned against authentic Catholic teaching. the Catholic Education Office has long since, with all the Catholic Education Offices of Queensland and the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, disposed of the abbreviations A.D. (ANNO DOMINI) that is, in the year of the Lord and B.C. (BEFORE CHRIST) in favor of the anti Church C.E. (Common Era - which really means nothing but is anti-Christ) and B.C.E. (BEFORE THE COMMON ERA).
"CATHOLIC EDUCATION"? Rather a travesty. The effort made to justify this anti-Christ activity is that we have so many non-Christian students these days. The effort at justification is so shallow that it is contemptible. If people of other religions choose to come to our schools, they know who we are and, if nothing else" we owe it to them to be seen to be who we are! No, the reason is quite other.

Only when we get our Catholic Education systems reformed, can we expect to ignite the flame of Faith, which the Holy Spirit is ever ready to breathe upon the Church of Queensland. With His help in the forthcoming Year of Faith, we will see a new Archbishop of Brisbane and new Bishop of Toowoomba and new Bishop of Rockhampton begin the re-construction of authentic Queensland Catholic School teaching. For those three Bishops will constitute a majority in the Queensland Episcopate and will be able to secure a majority in the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, thus extending the reform, root and branch.


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