Saintly Father - Thomas More - with his beloved Father seated at his right
in the heart of the More family.

We saw this study by Hans Holbein the Younger for a Portrait of the More Family, several days ago.We know St. Thomas was a holy man, a brilliant man, a compelling character, someone whose adverse opinion gave his King cause to be concerned. But here we can see what he was like in a very real way, as a Father.Some time between 1517 and 1520 his children received this message from their Father:

"It is not so strange that I love you with my whole heart, for being a father is not a tie which can be ignored. Nature in her wisdom has attached the parent to the child and bound their minds together with a Herculean knot. Thence comes that tenderness of a loving heart that accustoms me to take you so often into my arms.That is why I regularly fed you cake and gave you ripe apples and fancy pears. That is why I used to dress you in silken garments and why I never could endure to hear you cry......Ah, brutal and unworthy to be called father is he who does not himself weep at the tears of his child...But now my love has grown so much that it seems to me I did not love you at all before."
The King's Good Servant , But God's First by James Monti  p 63.

These are words which every good Father would make his own, even if he does not have the eloquence or the personality to so fully open his heart.

The completed Portrait
So, even if your Father has gone on before , as mine has, or is not in your company for some odd reason this Christmas Day, bring him to mind , and respond generously to that love that surrounded you as you grew. And waits for you yet. 

And remember great and good Saint Thomas More a model of Catholic Fatherhood who gave his very life for his Faith.

Remember above all, the devotion God made Man always expressed to His Father with Whom He is One. 


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