The words of our Divine Lord are always and ever true. But in the case of Toowoomba in Queensland, one might wish for an exception. Not that Toowoomba itself is not a lovely place, or that most of its people aren't fine, upstanding citizens. It is, and they are! But, when it comes to its disgraced and deposed former Bishop, William Morris, and the self-interested clique of his New Church supporters, one could be forgiven for making such a wish.

Regular readers of VEXILLA REGIS already know the story well, those who are new to the scandal leading to Bishop Morris'deposition from office may care to read :

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Now, if I were confronted with a list of posts like that my first reaction would be "Ugh! Too much!" So I am not surprised if you react in the same way! In fact, I have had more than enough of the wretched Bishop Morris affair and his whining co-conspirators.

Their latest ploy to get the DEAD HORSE into the public view, is to publish,
using the Diocesan apparatus (!) a series of documents, one by a retired Queensland Judge who advised the Queensland Government on setting up Legal Brothels, another by a Sydney Canon Lawyer ( like all Lawyers you can get one to say whatever you want if you search carefully), and another by an Australian Jesuit living in Thailand ( how far do you have to go!). I will not dignify the documents with detailed analysis. None of them merit it. In summary they try to argue that Bishop Morris was "denied natural justice "and "due process", allege that he did no wrong etc. etc..and was wrongly deposed.Only the Holy Father and the Curial Cardinals are in error of course!

Bus Driver attire.
At several points some of the documents advance what can only be described as radical distortions of the truth and deliberate falsehoods. Bishop Morris proposed in his 2006 Advent Pastoral Letter that the following should be considered for recognition : Anglican Orders, Lutheran Orders and Uniting Church Orders. The first is directly contrary to the teaching of Pope Leo XIII in Apostolicae Curae and the latter two are so ridiculous that no-one has suggested it except Bishop Morris, both of those Churches not only lack, but have no regard for, Apostolic Succession. He added to his wish list the Ordination of Women, apparently ignorant of the Lord's own practice,the 2,000 years Tradition of His Church and the "irreformable" teaching in Blessed John Paul II's "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis". On the grounds of Theological incompetence or feebleness of mind alone, his suggestions would warrant his removal from office. In the matter of continuing to authorise Third Rite of Reconciliation, which he and his collaborators now seek to deny that he did, the notorious fact in the Diocese and copies of Parish Newsletters held,give the lie to this claim. Once again, in this matter he was not only demonstrably guilty of breach of discipline, but also of demonstrable Theological ignorance and incompetence, all warranting removal.

In the immediate wake of his deposition he sought to insist that he had resigned. Yet, when it became obvious that that was NOT THE TRUTH, he changed his ground and invented this spurious "unfair dismissal"nonsense. At the same time he abandoned his customary shirt and tie ( which caused him to be dubbed "Bill the Bus Driver"on the Net) and appeared , grieving before the Media in Episcopal Cassock ,Zuccheto and Pectoral Cross.

The deposed Bishop has not a solitary shred of credibility, or evident integrity. And very many of the motivators of his disloyal clique see their continuing ride on their New Church gravy train coming to an end - no more stipends, no more Church offices and resources to support their subversive efforts - no wonder they are so vocal and miss him so. 

The record of the destruction of the Faith in the Diocese under his administration is appalling. At his removal,there was not one Seminarian from the Diocese, which had , before his time, been the great engine of Priestly vocations in the whole of Queensland. So much so, that in 1935 one Parish alone had 7 Priests ordained in that year! His contempt for the Catechism of the Catholic Church was made manifest to one group of ladies at least, when he dismissed an appeal to its teaching, from some error he had propounded, by waving his hand dismissively and saying "Oh! the Catechism....the Catechism...."as if it were irrelevant.

Now, the propagators of deceit and disaffection have devised a new platform onto which they propose to push the DEAD HORSE to keep it in view. They have secured the agreement of the"Queensland Bishops"to receive their disloyal committee and Bishop Morris,  to consider their documents.

In a normal Province a meeting of the Bishops of the Province might carry some weight. But in Queensland -  "the Sick Man of the Australian Church"- it is nothing but a grotesque example of the Theatre of the Discredited. The Event might best be termed "THE DEAD HORSE SHOW" if it is allowed to proceed.

Not even a tie for Bishop Michael Putney of Toowoomba
But as Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane's retirement approached
Google Images became flooded with pictures of the Bishop in Episcopal attire!
 Among the cast of characters would be Bishop Michael Putney of Townsville  who wrote in a Pastoral Letter that the Eucharist "is a symbol"- the very thing it is NOT.There also would be Bishop "Call me Brian"Heenan of Rockhampton who concelebrates Mass without a Chalice, but using a Carafe, and who tells enquirers that "Sacramentum Redemptionis"and "Summorum Pontificum"etc. "Don't apply here" He of course has submitted his resigntion to the Holy Father and it has been accepted he has told his Priests, for an operative date to be announced..There also will be Bishop Foley of Cairns who has written in defense of the indefensible Bishop Morris.Toowoomba itself is of course vacant, being under Apostolic Administration.Brisbane Archdiocese is at present without an Archbishop being under Apostolic Administration. 

No-one with the interests of the Church at heart would have planned such an event. It should not take place And the Apostolic Nuncio, one must hope, will intervene to ensure that it does not. 

Tres Episcopi ...Going, ""symbol"and Gone!
If all of the three remaining Bishops of Queensland were to demand immediate acceptance of their resignations as a result, so much the better.The scandal given would be nothing to what has been endured for years, the long wasted decades. A clean sweep is what is needed in Queensland where the faithful have had to endure scandal upon scandal and abuse upon abuse for decades. Once and for all ,the subversion of the Church in Queensland  must be brought to an end.

Deus, in adjutorium nostrum intende.Et in adjuvandam nostram festina!


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