The Broken Bay Coat of Arms for the Bishop appear defective in that a Bishop's Galero and Tassels should be Green - Black is the Colour for Priests.

Our readers will recall our post: 17th February, 2012:http://vexilla-regis.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/dwindling-days-of-david-of-broken-bay.html                        in which we profiled the Canon Law's structure establishing and defending the position of the Parish Priest, the Parish itself and the Pastoral Council.To Recap. :

Canon 524 Obliges the Bishop to appoint a Parish Priest
Canon 519 Designates the Parish Priest as the proper Pastor of the parishoners
Canon 522 Declares that the Parish Priest must have stability in his appointment
Canon 528 Defines the obligations of the Parish Priest as the proper person responsible to instruct and develop the Parishoners
Canon  536 Sets up the Pastoral Council under the Presidency of the Parish Priest and limits it to a consultative role only.

In addition , and prior to all these is Canon 150 which is foundational:

Canon 150

An office which carries with it the full care of souls, for which the exercise of the order of priesthood is required, cannot validly be conferred upon a person who is not yet a priest. 

Following the circulation of Father John Hill's Open Letter of late November,2011 the Bishop of Broken Bay waited until Christmas Eve to issue the following document, which appears to be a defiant response crafted as a reasoned Question and Answer exercise.

It is structured as an oft repetitive four page Question and Answer series. This is a favourite tactic of those who want to lead you to a predetermined conclusion.

Basically not one of the abovementioned Canons is referred to precisely and onlý one other is quoted precisely. That is Canon 517 (2) which we quote here:

CANON 517 # 2

If, because of a shortage of priests, the diocesan Bishop has judged that a deacon, or some other person who is not a priest, or a community of persons, should be entrusted with a share in the exercise of the pastoral care of a parish, he is to appoint some priest who, with the powers and faculties of a parish priest, will direct the pastoral care.

The Bishop in his Dorothy Dix 4 Page Document basically says that although he has more Priests now than he has had since his Episcopate began, numbers ofthem are not suitable to be Parish Priests due to inadequate English, unwillingness to accept the role or whatever. And that consequently "two"but no more than "four"Parishes will have "Lay Leadership"Oops! "we are now calling it the"New Model of Parish Pastoral Leadership" for a period of 6 years!!

And His Lordship says not to worry about Parish Priests objecting - it will only happen where no Parish Priest has been appointed - Oh , noe remind me, who has the duty to appoint Parish Priests?

But it is indeed "a tangled web we weave..."and later on in his Dorothy Dixing, he says : "we on the other hand have sufficient Priests".


We have referred previously to the parlous condition of the Church in Germany which has for centuries harboured dissidents as well as saints. It appears that His Lordship , accompanied by Father David  Ranson (listed on the Diocesan Website as "Acting Administrator of Wahroonga - but the Vicar General Father Vince Casey appears to have the running of the Wahroonga takeover). According to Bishop (Semper Fidelis) Walker the purpose of the German conference was to examine the uses to which Canon 517 # 2 could be put. 

Let us be crystal clear Canon 517 # 2 is designed for extraordinary situations, such as War, remote missions in large Mission territories or adverse political situations such as in Poland when the Nazis put thousands of Priests in concentration camps.

The transparent purpose of this covert gathering was dissent from the Church's lawful and traditional structure by whatever means they hope can be dressed up to look lawful. Dishonesty is fundamental to the operation, for there is a bigger agenda no doubt. Female Ordination is doctrinally impossible, but these dissidents want to give effective control over Parish Priests ( effective not formal, the Bishop still claims that) but he wants to give these ladies EFFECTIVE control over the Pastoral direction of the Parish. The man who ought to be the Parish Priest is reduced to a Priest presence in the Townsville terminology ( Bishop Putney). The new Fuhrer of Wahroonga appointed by His Lordship is a woman, and no doubt the other one (or at the most three) are no doubt already in  the Green Room waiting to be invited to "come on down".


If you want to get a more complete picture of the subversion of Broken Bay Diocese, look at our earlier posts and also at AUSTRALIA INCOGNITA BLOGSPOT                         http://australiaincognita.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/broken-catechesis.html(see blogroll to the right) where you will find an excellent dissection of the extent of the disaster.

We have still more information, and we are following the weekend's events very closely. Stay tuned. But more importantly PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for the Diocese of Broken Bay and the faithful here and for our Bishop's removal, retirement and conversion of heart.


Catherine said…
Having only recently become aware of what has been going on at Wahroonga and Narrabeen in my own home diocese, it is greatly concerning. Unfortunately I am only getting information 3rd and 4th hand. The first tale I heard was that the female insisted one one occasion in processing in with the priest and standing/sitting beside him all through Mass. The priest refused. Good on him! The second take I heard was that the deacon refused to let a visiting priest preach the homily or make any comment whatever outside of the rubrics. In the same place the tale was that special arrangements had to be made to have a Mass for weddings and funerals, because the deacon handled them.
I have drawn several conclusions from these tales. There is a reason why lay investure was removed in the church's history. A priest goes through many years of training, let alone psychological testing to endure that he is a fit and proper person (hopefully) to wield the powers of a parish priest for the good of the parish and the church. Any lay leader of a parish does not have the charism of ordination, a charism to lead both spiritually and temporally the people of God. they haven't been tested by psychologists to see if they are fit and proper. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think we are seeing manifestations of this at Wahroonga and Narrabeen. There is a reason why monasteries had the separate offices of abbot and prior. Given that Broken Bay does not pay its deacons, (itself a grave injustice) of course if they have an opportunity they will weight the dice in favour of stipends going to them. As soon as the correct headship arrangements are overturned (via this lay leadership) then disorder follows as night follows day. This experiment needs to be wiped out as soon as possible for the good of the Church and for the good of the souls residing in these tortured parishes. May the good Lord put all of this to rights as soon as possible and grant us a bishop worthy of the friendship of the great saintly bishops of other centuries.
David Joseph said…
If one looks with care the Bishops Galero and Tassels appears to be 'bottle green',not priestly black.Sure not the usual green, but finding fault with your bishop in all things seems a bit unhealthy.
vexilla regis said…
David Joseph , Thanks for your comment and summary diagnosis! Perhaps "Bottle Green "is in the eye of the beholder? Even at 175% mag. it is still black on my screen which has not let me down to-date. "In all things seems" a tad excessive. I've not done that , nor ever would. What I and others have specifically brought to light is already enough and too much to be a mistaken perception. No?

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