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Here is a story of chilling horror, of justice abused and deceit triumphant - who would defend an accused Priest - not even his own Diocese! Soon Father MACRAE 's sentence is expected to be judicially overturned:

Judge Arthur Brennan Sentenced Father Gordon MacRae to Die in Prison By Ryan A. MacDonald

     Judge Arthur Brennan

Former New Hampshire Judge Arthur Brennan was arrested at a Washington, DC protest in October 2011. In 1994, he sentenced Fr. Gordon MacRae to die in prison.

I spent some time last month poking around inside These Stone Wallsan extraordinary website that by all odds should not exist. I once wrote of all the random factors that had to coalesce for this story of a Catholic priest falsely accused and wrongfully imprisoned to be told. "The Prisoner-Priest Behind These Stone Walls" tells that tale, and hopefully has drawn some fair minded souls to this remarkable site.

Spend just a minute or two at the "About" page at The…


Yesterday, according to CLUSTERMAPS, Vexilla Regis Blog recorded its 60,000th Visitor since we began using CLUSTERMAPS on 19the February, 2011.

I sincerely thank all of our visitors for their interest and trust that you will continue to come back and "bring your friends"by word of mouth or by sharing on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.It has been a pleasure to recount a growing number of good news stories even though some corners of the vineyards remain a little unkempt. Either way we will continue to do what we can to inform and interest you .

Of late some minor surgery has interrupted the flow of posting , but we should be back in our stride very soon with a great deal of posting from and about the vast Treasury of the Catholic Faith.

Thank you again, I never cease to be amazed at your geographical spread around the world! God bless you all. If you can spare a prayer for me and mine I would greatly appreciate it. I assure you I shall be praying daily for all of you. 




The Holy Father has appointed Cardinal Pell as a Member of the Congregation for Bishops. This is yet a further recognition of the very high regard in which Cardinal Pell is held by the Holy Father, on top of numerous earlier actions.

The Holy Father has been seen to be dedicated to the renewal of the Episcopal College in order to correct unhappy situations in so many places.
The Cardinal's no nonsense approach , his unswerving orthodoxy and complete fidelity perfectly equip him for the task, which will have its impact in Australia as in many places around the world.

We pray for His Eminence as he takes up this weighty and burdensome cross at the very heart of the renewal of the Church and the promotion of the New Evangelisation.


"Look what they done to my song, Ma !"

The pop song from the Vietnam War era, was sung in a raw voice by a  young woman - Wikipedia tells me it was Melanie Safka , but the lyrics are the lament of a young soldier, in spirit ,appealing to his mother as his body is removed from the battlefield - the "song"is his life:

Well its the only thing I could do half right 
And its turning out all wrong,  Ma...

And I think I'm half insane, Ma
Look what they've done to my song...

Well they tied it up in a plastic bag 
And turned it upside down , Ma....

Look what they've done to my song."

Whatever view one might have of the "anti - War"movement - as if many support War for its own sake - the song and its imagery were, and are, powerfully moving.

The sad events of recent days for the Australian Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan, brought it to my mind. We grieve for the fallen heroes and pray for the repose of their souls, and we remember also their mou…


Cardinal Timothy Dolan , Archbishop of New York and Chairman of the United States Catholic Bishops Conference was invited to give the closing Benediction at the just concluded Republican National Convention, here is what he said:

Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer at the Republican National ConventionAugust 31, 2012 By  (Patheos Blog) With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, let us pray: Almighty God, father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, we beg your continued blessings on this sanctuary of freedom, and on all of those who proudly call America home. We ask your benediction upon those yet to be born, and on those who are about to see you at the end of this life. Bless those families whose ancestors arrived on these shores generations ago, as well as those families that have come recently, to build a better future while weaving their lives into the rich tapestry of America. We lift up to your loving care those afflicted by the recent storms and drought and …