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In recent days, I became involved in an exchange via Social Media with a young Priest who had publicly exulted at the victory of Barack Hussein Obama in the United States Presidential Election.It was very revealing .

As our exchange evolved, Father assured me via a Private Message that he fiercely opposed Mr. Obama's evil policies which I had enumerated : the systematic promotion of Abortion, Homosexual " Marriage", Embryonic Stem Cell research, his systematic attacks on the Catholic Church and on religious freedom etc., BUT he supported him as a person. He hoped I would be able to see the distinction.

Even if such a position were defensible in itself, which it is not -  what is left of the person after one deletes everything he stands for? - the public glorying in his victory made no such distinction. It became clear to me that Father evidently lacked the acumen to determine a reasoned course of action.
President Obama - Enemy of the Unborn Children and of the Catholic Church

But it became more interesting still. In a lengthy further Private Message, Father expanded on his approach and very nicely expressed his view that the whole purpose of Jesus' Mission on Earth was to make the Father known as Love and Mercy and to effect our Salvation.At some length he worked away at this theme whilst subtly maneuvering  to have it seem that I was simply judging Mr Obama whilst not caring about his conversion. It was well done and even exemplary in spirit of the Council terms.

I was able to honestly thank Father for his kindly expressed letter.But I had to remind him of a deficiency in his examination of Jesus' approach. Love and Mercy yes, but there was more ....Justice. I noted that the Protestant "gentle Jesus meek and mild" is not the whole and true Jesus. I recalled for him the same Jesus whose withering words for the Pharisees we would all hope to avoid : "Hypocrites! Fools and Blind!!" " Woe unto you" , and of the knotted cord and the upturned tables in the cleansing of the Temple. I did not include even more devastating verses. In Saint Luke Chapter 20 :18, Jesus, speaking of Himself as " the stone rejected by the builders "says :
"Whosoever shall fall upon that stone , shall be bruised; and upon whosoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder". 

We forget justice at our peril. Those who willfully conceal it from God's people are in truly grave peril.

I pointed out to him that if one could distinguish between supporting Mr. Obama as a person and supporting his policies, one might as nimbly have supported Adolph Hitler as a person but not his policies. Father had praised Mr. Obama for his concern for the poor, and I was able to point to Herr Hitler's concern for the German unemployed and to the fact that Mr. Obama's policies secure the deaths of  10,000,000 American babes each year, and he systematically attacks the Catholic Church, whilst Herr Hitler had killed 5/6,000,000 Jews over several years, and also systematically attacked the Catholic Church. 


It was quite evident from Father's presentation of his case that this exclusive line of  Love and Mercy thinking about Christ, with no room for or thought of Justice, was the product of his Seminary training. It is of course a classic example of spirit of the Council thinking. In this effort God is re- created in our own desired image, rather than as He is revealed in Sacred Scripture.

This is a betrayal of Our Divine Lord and an exercise in self - delusion.

In time, I hope to research those passages of Scripture lost to view when we moved from the Annual fixed Cycle of Readings to the Three Year Cycle which we have in the Ordinary Form.It should prove an interesting exercise to see what the spirit of the Council swept from view.


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