One does not need to be a metallurgist, to know when a bell is cracked. The sound it makes tells the story all too clearly.

Similarly, any tolerably well-educated Catholic knows when what is being preached is not consistent with the teachings of the Church. The task is somewhat hard for most of those educated during the post-Conciliar false " spirit of the Council" era, but not impossible as very many have educated themselves from the many orthodox and totally authentic sources available through the Internet as a minimum.

For sometime now there have been problems with the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church's preaching. He has publicly referred to results of those problems.

In the course of his Homily to a whole of School Opening Mass for 2013 - in front of perhaps 600 children from Kindergarten to Year 6, his Reverence preached on the Gospel text for the day. It was the story of Our Divine Lord rebuking the disciples for trying to keep the little children from Him. How could one go wrong with the text : 

" But when Jesus saw it He was indignant and said to them " Let the children come to me , do not hinder them; for to such belongs the Kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it." Mark 10 : 14 -15

Now plainly the characteristics of a little child are innocence and an obedient will to be led.

But his reverence told the kinder that the childlike characteristics Jesus was looking to were : " playfulness and asking questions"!

Not content with this bit of error and mischief, he carried on, as if addressing some unnamed adult/s in the church :

" When I completed my Master's Degree in Theology after three years study , I published my thesis in the Parish Bulletin. But a number of parishioners thought I was saying something new , like Luther and reported me to the Bishop. But you must always remain playful and continue to ask questions."

Now this was a somewhat bizarre performance. Happily the little children would have heard nothing but " Blah, Blah, Blah after it lost its story of Jesus character." Most of the children these days would have a very hazy, if any, idea who Luther was. But some of the older children are more perceptive and may have been deceived. And, in any case, the adults including all the teachers and many parents were entitled to hear the Truth and not this deliberate distortion. Even  Canon Law assures the right of the faithful to have proper education in the Faith (Canon 217). 

This is to say nothing of the scandal given by referring to the controversy his Reverence's writings caused and of his failure to recount the measures which followed the reporting of his problem writings.

We see so many dissidents and false " spirit of the Council" liberals seeming to have a wish to be stopped, as if by pushing further and further into the barren stubble of error, they are crying " Help! Somebody stop me!" Much as some people self-harm. But in this case their actions also hurt the Faith of their congregations.

And so it came about, that last Friday his Reverence preached on the subject of fasting. His effort can be summed up as follows : in a sneering tone, which was distinct, as if he was already upset with someone , he said that fasting from food and drink was" a lollies and sweets thing" for children ( dismissive tone and facial expression) that, as we had heard in the first reading Isaiah called for justice for the oppressed and aid to the needy. There is no call for this fasting!

We understand that one of the parishioners went to the Sacristy after Mass ( and before the Stations of the Cross prayed on the Fridays of Lent) and complained to his Reverence that what he had said was rubbish and that he had a duty to teach what the Catholic Church teaches on the subject of Fasting. His Reverence rejected the suggestion and took offence.) The complainant subsequently discussed the event with us.

The Stations of the Cross were conducted normally, but, at the end, his Reverence went up to the Lectern, and told the congregation that a man named .......... had complained to him about what he had preached , calling it rubbish and that this man had been " attacking" him verbally for some time. His Reverence was visibly angry and delivered his needless message with great intensity.

This was a scandalous and distasteful abuse of the pulpit, and into the bargain contravened Canon 220 which prohibits the disturbance of a person's privacy especially in the pursuit of their lawful rights and duties under Canon 212 #3 " to manifest to the sacred Pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church." These include of course authentic and complete teaching, and they must be delivered respectfully and charitably. One might expect that a history of abuse of Church teaching might affect the achievement of the latter goals.

As to what the Catholic Church teaches on the subject of Fasting , which teaching begins with Our Divine Lord continues with the Apostles, and the Fathers of the Church and is made precise in Canon Law and re-iterated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, his Reverence does not have a leg to stand on. His complainant , in the substance of his complaint is 100% accurate. 

If anyone is interested in the detailed examination of the  Scriptural references, Canon Law and Catechism references  we would be happy to provide them, having researched them IN DETAIL.But I expect everyone knows the truth. 

Except it seems, a certain Pastor of souls. Sad really, especially for him.


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