BISHOP DAVID WALKER - 75 0n  13/11/2013
- an eloquent gesture.

Further to our Post yesterday , it appears that news of Bishop David Walker having already  submitted his resignation, and it having been accepted will become public at the weekend. It seems that like Bishop "call me Brian" Heenan at Rockhampton , he has been asked to stay in place from the due date : 13th November, 2013 until his successor is appointed.

An interesting photo of the Bishop as a young Priest or Seminarian has come to light. It only goes to show how much harm was done by the "Council of the Media"as Pope Benedict referred to the false "spirit of the Council" when addressing the Clergy of the Diocese of Rome yesterday. Many young clergy departed as a result of,or were damaged by falsified teaching and attitudes alien to the essential nature of the Church.At the time David Walker was a Seminarian at St. Patrick's College Manly, as it was, Seminarians were being encouraged to hug trees - numbers of them acceded to the request.


But  to demonstrate just how his thinking and wiles have developed, recent publicity shows the time bomb he has left for his Successor to deal with. His Broken Bay Institute, which provides much of the New Church thinking and energy for the troubled Diocese, has been hived off as a Company "The Broken Bay Institute Ltd"Limited by Guarantee. The Members of the Company Include several Catholic Bishops and Bishop Walker himself AND an Anglican Bishop, a Nun and other seeming employees of the Diocese , and the Directors include two Catholic Bishops - Walker and O'Kelly S.J. another Jesuit Gerard Kelly , a Nun and several others , The "Consulting Theologians" are listed as Rev Prof. Gerald O 'Çollins SJ AC and a  Catholic Priest Rev. Denis Edwards who seems to have written inter alia that God cannot go against Natural Law. Quite where that leaves the miracles performed by Our Divine Lord one would wonder, not to mention the Miracles at Lourdes and at the intercession of the Saints, Beati and Venerabili.

This type of corporate device to avoid the embarrassment of swearing the Mandatum fidelity to Catholic Church Doctrine, was of course earlier used in the Brisbane College of Theology, which originally consisted primarily in the Professorial Staff of Banyo Seminary before it was reformed . It is now fully Ecumenical, the Catholic element being titled St.Paul's Theological College and based in the ACU Campus at Banyo, trying to find information about its current structure and staff on the Internet is difficult, suggesting that it is a device shy of public scrutiny  perhaps.The fact that Seminarians from the reformed Holy Spirit Seminary are required to attend lectures at the Ecumenical College and be lectured often by Protestants   shows how far some academics have been prepared to go to avoid thorough reform and escape the Mandatum.

The new Bishop of Broken Bay will need courage and strong will to take on these vested academic interests. But at least he won't be troubled by Seminarians' education. The Diocese has none - excepting two unfortunate Vietnamese men whose education is being handled in ways unknown to us. Happily dissidents and liberals do not re-produce themselves.


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