"...... NOT EVEN A PRIEST...."

Blessed are You Lord, God of all creation, through Your Goodness we have this
 bread to offer.......
Our regular readers know well that the " full and active participation" in the Holy Mass which the Second Vatican Council urged upon the faithful, is not running around doing things and playing dress-ups like wanna-be clergy, rather it is the total engagement of mind and heart and spirit with what the Priest is doing at the Altar.

In pursuit of that goal, I have long recited in my mind with the Priest the prayers at the elevation of the gifts. Even with those Priests who take the option of reciting the prayers silently, it is a simple task and I know the prayers by heart . ( For some perverse reason the prayer at the mingling of the water and wine - the old " Haec commixtio..." refuses to enter my memory!)

Imagine then , my concern when I am confronted by a Priest who has usually elevated the bread and put it down and proceeded to the next step before I am half finished. As time has gone by, his " speed " has increased and lately, to such an extent that I literally blinked the other day and the bread was up and down!  I think I am not being uncharitable when I conclude that the prayer is NOT being said.

In a bizarre twist, adding insult to injury, he is quite keen on using recorded music during the Liturgy, controlling it by a remote control - so having shaved perhaps 30 seconds off the time it would take to properly recite the prayers elevating the gifts, he will stand for up to a minute waiting for the track he is playing to finish!!

This in no way affects validity of the following Consecration of course. Nevertheless it is a gross abuse. And , more worryingly, it says something is seriously wrong in the mind and spirit of that cleric.

Of course, if one were to video the action - so easy these days with good Mobile Phones - one would be accused a la Bishop Morris of being Temple Police - not interested in the Mass but just spying( a theme used by Archbishop Bathersby  and Cardinal Clancy and others in sadder times).You get the message : Liturgical abuse must be free to flourish!
In this case, such a brief video would show the abuse in 10 seconds and less.

The Reverend gentleman has many other problems of course in preaching- with often bizarre interpretations of Sacred Scripture- and in writing and in ad libbing his way through the Sacred Liturgy.

Like all liberal dissenters , he is quite arrogant and is steadfast in his effective Lutheranism despite having been brought to account even before the local Bishop ( who retires in 216 days) and his Religious Superiors.

Would it be useful to make a point of this abuse - which probably goes unnoticed by most of those attending his Masses? I think not . It would no doubt lead to considerable acrimony  and an inconclusive resort to the authority in the Diocese. So, for the time being one just has to weep and bear it! Life doesn't always offer us solutions to wrongs.

But I am convinced that if this particular Reverend gentleman had been formally opposed on many things when he was much younger, he would not have ended up so hopelessly off the tracks.

I just had to get that off my chest!

For future reference  the Council's document " Sacrosanctum Concilium"( 22 #3 ) states absolutely that no-one, " Not even a Priest"  may make changes to the Sacred Liturgy. And Canon 528 obliges the Parish Priest of a place to " be on guard against abuses" in the Liturgy.

How simple and joyful it is for Priests to " Say the Black and Do the Red" and to " Do what the Catholic Church does." But it seems that sometimes arrogance gets in the way , and pride.


ka said…
Why subject yourself to this instead of going elsewhere? There are some places with reverent Masses said according to the rubrics.

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