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New church planned for Gold Coast
                             Published: 23 June 2013PUBLISHED ON THE WEB 19th June, 2013)
By: Paul Dobbyn
New Church(?) Planned for Broadbeach on the Gold Coast Qld
Brisbane Archdiocese' paper " The Catholic Leader" reports:
"SURFERS Paradise parish priest Fr Tim Harris doesn't subscribe to the "we'll all be rooned" philosophy.

Various factors have convinced him the time is right to build a $2.9 million church where the rapidly deteriorating 50-year-old Stella Maris Church, in Broadbeach's Hedges Avenue, now stands.
Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane has given formal approval for the project.
There is also a degree of enthusiasm around the parish to replace what one liturgical expert described as a "pizza hut".
And there are further favourable signs.
Already $1.8 million in donations, including the bequest of a house on the Isle of Capri, have arrived "like gifts falling from heaven".
"It's quite an amazing story considering the present economic climate," Fr Harris said.
"There's this 'we'll all be rooned' mentality in society at large about the economy.
"There's also so much bad news going around the Church, yet here we are well on the way to funding the new church."
Architects of the proposed new Stella Maris Church created a model which is on display at the Sacred Heart Church at Clear Island Waters.
"The model was the result of liturgical input from several prominent liturgists and Archbishop Coleridge himself," Fr Harris said.
"We received much positive feedback."
For various reasons, the enthusiastic support came as no surprise.
"The old church is rapidly deteriorating," Fr Harris said.
"It has asbestos issues, a roof which leaks in several places and very sub-standard toilets.
"But there's nothing I can do about this given my stated position not to spend good money after bad."
Space is another problem.
"About 450 people attend the three Masses celebrated each weekend," Fr Harris said.
"Over Christmas and Easter, large numbers of worshippers have to stand outside - a real problem in bad weather.
"The proposed new Stella Maris Church can seat 300 with space for another 150 under cover."
Then there's the site itself and the fact it is worth far less than it was 10 years ago.
"About 12 years ago, some $12 million was offered for the site," Fr Harris said.
"We'd be lucky to get half that now so it's important we develop the site ourselves."
Other suggestions have included selling the site and having a new church built as part of the new development.
"But we'd then lose control of the precinct," Fr Harris said.
"Also at Burleigh Heads, a church was built in the basement of a high-rise building.
"The church only seats 200 and parking is extremely limited."
Fr Harris also points to plans for a light rail link to Broadbeach and the impending $580 million facelift for nearby Pacific Fair.
"It's projected 11 per cent of the Gold Coast population will live within 800 metres of this rail link," he said.
"Plus, the new church will be located in a prime position on the Gold Coast not far from the ocean.
"People will be drawn to come for weddings, funerals and other celebrations.
"We'll be working hard to raise the remaining $800,000 to fund the new Stella Maris Church.
"Certainly now is not the time to walk away from this location."
Plans for the new church will be taken to Gold Coast City Council in the near future."

So it looks like out with the Pizza Parlour and in with the BUNNINGS HARDWARE STORE!
Alas Brisbane- Two steps forward on other things and one step back here! Guess who the Liturgist would have been? 


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