Readers may recall Friday's Post capping off the story of the bungled "explanations " of the Holy Father's very last minute no show at a Concert attended by hundreds of people including Papal Nuncios from around the world, at which he was supposed to be the Guest of Honour recently:

At the end of the Post we placed a NOTE concerning reports of breaking news of a scandal involving 14 Clerics in Rome. At that stage the story doing the rounds and being heavily pushed on Internet TV by Michael Voris of Church Militant TV as evidence of the further decline.....etc etc, concerned allegations of a homosexual trafficking ring. BUT...

Now it transpires from official sources in Rome and the Press (less reliable) that the Monsignor arrested- Monsignor Nunzio Scarano an officer of the Vatican bank ( IOR) - was involved in bribing an official ( paid US 512,000) to facilitate the transfer of US $ 26,000,000 by air from Switzerland. In his efforts to bring down those who were seking to bring him to justice , this villain had concocted the sex ring story.He was aided in that effort by a laicised Priest and convicted pedophile Patrizio Poggi, who was enraged at the Holy See for only recently refusing his request to reverse his laicisation. That is the present state of things as far as I can ascertain.

So far Michael  Voris has not given the new revelations the same publicity as the original allegations, let alone retracted the original story.He may be hoping that some element of truth in it may yet appear, considering Poggi's involvement.

According to AAP:

"Italian investigators, who described a remarkably detailed scheme allegedly spearheaded by Scarano to benefit some very wealthy friends. Prosecutor Nello Rossi identified them as the d'Amicos, one of Italy's most important shipping families from Scarano's hometown of Salerno in southern Italy.
Rossi declined to say if any of the d'Amicos were under investigation, but said developments were expected in the coming days.
Three people were arrested on Friday: Scarano, a onetime banker who was recently suspended from his job in the Vatican's main finance office, Italian financier Giovanni Carenzio and Giovanni Zito, who until recently was a member of the Italian military police's agency for security and information.
According to wiretapped conversations, the three allegedly plotted to smuggle in some 20 million euros in cash that Carenzio held in a Swiss bank account without declaring it to authorities at the airport.
Scarano's lawyer described him as something of a middleman: The 20 million euros belonged to the d'Amicos, who had given the money to Carenzio to invest but wanted it back. Scarano was tasked with persuading Carenzio to hand it over.
Rossi said the d'Amico money was presumably being held in Switzerland to avoid paying Italian taxes. An email seeking comment from the family's Rome-based company, the d'Amico Societa di Navigazione SpA, wasn't immediately returned. "

We do not normally bring you such sordid stories but thought it necessary to correct the impression left by the earlier NOTE.


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