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ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR POSTS - THE MIRACLE OF LOVE So many people are still attracted to this Post, that we thought it appropriate to present it again to all our readers and their friends.

THE MIRACLE OF LOVE - SAINT PETER AND THE HOUND OF HEAVEN This post had an unusual origin but I believe it will be useful, perhaps to a particular person I shall never meet. Saint Peter is of particular importance in the long history of the Church. We know a reasonable amount about him. He came from Capharnaum where he lived with his wife and mother-in-law. He was a fisherman together with his brother Andrew, and it seems they had more than one boat , so they may have been significant among the local fishermen. Fishermen are proverbially rough and tumble folk , hardy and hard living. So it might seem surprising that Jesus chose Simon Bar-Jonah - for that was then his name, to be an Apostle.Jesus knew all about Simon of course, but Simon did not yet know that.
 Such was the power of God's grace at w…