This post originally appeared on 9th June, 2013 . We re-post it now, so that you may see clearly that we have in the past been very sympathetic to Mr. Voris. A subsequent post will critically review his more recent activity.


Please bear in mind: I do not like or endorse the Michael Voris style of presentation on Web T.V. Nor do I approve of some of his political views that have nothing to do with Religious belief. However in matters of Catholic Teaching and analysis of Catholic affairs, I have generally found him to be well -reasoned.

In a recent Post : " The Americans...Again" we looked at disturbances on the American Catholic scene. This time among orthodox Catholics.We mentioned in the process the prominent American orthodox Catholic Michael Voris of Church Militant TV. In the process of responding to the attacks against him by the orthodox Catholic establishment media, Michael Voris recounted at length in several video presentations the brief outline of his life and his discovery of hostility to his presentation of Catholic Truth.

I shall try to recount it accurately here.

Michael Voris had been born and raised a Catholic attended only Catholic Schools and Colleges but says that after 18 years of study, he had learned almost nothing about the Faith. This is not surprising, as he was born and grew up in the immediate post-Conciliar breakdown in the Church. A victim of the shambles that saw everything pre-Conciliar regarded as ancient history, he was "educated" by those building their own "New Church". He drifted away from the Faith.

But in 2004 he reverted to the Faith and applied himself rigorously to to studying Catholicism, authentic Catholicism, and loved it for its fidelity to Christ's teaching and Person.By this time he was working in New York as a successful T.V. Journalist -winner of 4 EMMY Awards.In 2006, wishing to use his professional skills to advance the Faith he had come to truly know and love, he set-up Saint Michael's Media under the Patronage of Saint Michael the Archangel.At the time as he relates it, he was unaware of the battle actually going on for the soul of the Church - he readily admits that he was quite naieve.

The first inkling he got of something vaguely troubling was when he invited his Parish Priest in Detroit Archdiocese, to come and visit the Studio of which Michael Voris was quite proud . The Monsignor - as the Parish Priest was - came and looked about, and was suitably impressed. Michael Voris assured him that the facilities were at his service for anything to advance the Faith. The Monsignor was polite and offered a piece of advice : "Stay in the middle". To Michael Voris this seemed cryptic , but experience was to progressively open his eyes to reality.

As time went by his work gained legal "Charity Status" - important in securing donations - and this was on the basis of his work to suppoer the One True Catholic Faith.

But in October 2006, storm clouds began to gather on the horizon of Saint Michael's Media. They had been enjoying some good success in getting their TV programs regularly aired on Diocesan T.V. Stations particularly in the West.Then an approach to Boston Archdiocese , which had seemed completely approved, suddenly turned sour. Michael Voris was informed after lengthy and difficult efforts to learn why, that "Cardinal Maida (then Abp of his own Archiocese of Detroit) would be embarassed if the show made in his Archdiocese were to be shown in Boston.

In 2006-7 the knock-backs started to come thick and fast. The Western Dioceses one by one declined to continue airing his programmes.And in trying to pin down what was going on, he finally learned that officials of the Archdiocese of Detroit had systematically been approaching Dioceses taking the programming and that they had been telling these other Dioceses that Saint Michael's Media was putting out heresy! Even in Detroit he found Parish Bulletins refusing his Advertisements  - the same activity.

Then he thought he had achieved something of a breakthrough with a major presenter on an important Catholic Radio network. He had carefully presented hi sprogramming, plus the evidence of its orthodoxy attested by a leading Catholic Theologian of undeniable orthodoxy. It was Green Lights all the way! Then absolute SILENCE. After a decent interval he once again sought a reason. It was finally given with embarassment : "The Archdiocese does not approve." There it was again.

Along the way he had agreed to work exclusively for the COMING HOME network of Marcus Grodi in a typical media arrangement :- Saint Michael's Media in Detroit had a contract to produce programming for COMING HOME Network based in Zanesville,Ohio, in the Diocese of Columbus.

Negotiations to air programming on EWTN (in its post Mother Angelica incarnation) went well at first , but stumbled at the last hurdle following the intervention of the Archdiocese of Detroit.

During this period, and after two years study, Michael Voris was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) by the Angelicum University in Rome, graduating " Summa Cum Laude".

Around 2008/2009 Michael Voris sought and was granted an interview with a high ranking representative of the Archdiocese of Detroit and flanked by a Senior Priest Theologian he presented the case for his apostolate and recounted the unjustified sytematic persecution his work had faced at the hands of some in the Archdiocese of Detroit.From this point the Archdiocese could never disclaim the actions its officers had taken. Nothing changed.

Up to this point, all of the Voris programming had been purely on Catholic Doctrine and Apologetics - quite beyond any valid possibility of reproach .
But that had not stopped him being blacklisted as a "heretic"!

Then came what he terms a "Watershed Moment" - the Obama Notre Dame Honorary Doctorate in March 2009. 

Our readers will recall this shameful incident will take you to our post. The vicious abortion advocate, homosexual advocate, and attacker of the Catholic Church was actually given an Honour by a supposedly " Catholic" University.There he stood with arrogant chin held high while Priests of the University enrobed him like some Pagan Deity - they had earlier facilitated the covering up of symbols of Our Lord Jesus Christ at the request of the Obama Administration and meekly sacrificed the honour of Almighty God to placate their human worship figure.

Voris began to reflect on how this horrible event could take place, and began to see in it the ultimate betrayal of Catholic Truth for the sake of Americanism, and the acceptance of modern immorality. Looking further afield, he began to discern a real problem in the Church in America as he saw it : the failure to teach Catholic Doctrine and Morality, to defend Catholic Tradition and traditions, the tolerance of widespread Liturgical Abuse - in sum an extensive capitulation to the surrounding degenerating culture : the culture permeating the Church rather than the Church seeking to permeate the culture. This view began to transform the pattern of his operations , now using the title "Real Catholic T.V." , his programs became more inclined to confront the evils he perceived. He found a new funding source for his production via a Mr Mark Brammer .

In the lead up to the Obama scandal at Notre Dame ( now widely referred to as "Notre Shame") Voris was requested by a group of Canon Lawyers to present, in his own name, a canonical petition to the Holy Father to intervene to prevent the Congregation of Holy Cross which operates Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana and the Lay Members of the Notre Dame Board from proceeding with the award. Initially 40 American Catholic Bishops protested the University's action and finally over 100 Bishops joined in. Voris noted however that in the United States there are 270 active Bishops in the United States. Thus something like 170 Bishops would not protest.

As it happened the canonical Petition did not succeed. One can well imagine that the Holy See would be reluctant to administer such a direct slap in the face to the President of the United States.Especially one already showing signs of vindictive anti-Catholicism in a number of policy areas.

But the Episcopal reaction to the whole scandalous affair was seen by Voris as clear evidence of an atmosphere of dissent and disaffection in a broad section of the Church in America.

His stance, and the controversy surrounding the award, attracted the attention of even the secular media and Voris was interviewed on FOX NEWS. His appearance went well and the interviewer went out of her way after the show to invite his further contacts. However, subsequently nothing came of it. His later enquiries showed the Archdiocese of Detroit intervening once again.

Finally he came to the view that his operation would never be allowed to be free of this subversion and misrepresentation as long as he criticised error and wrong -doing wherever he found it. The only outlets enjoying official " approved list" status were those who did not criticise the status quo, who promoted a positive image that everything in the garden is rosy.

And now he is quite direct and unequivocal in his criticisms.It is his contention, which he says is backed by thorough research, that the Catholic Church in the United States is in a decline of catastrophic proportions. He refers to the declining numbers of Parishes, Schools, Marriages, and other figures to bolster his claims . The full research seems likely to be published in due course.


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