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Anyone who has suffered the onslaught of termites knows the terrible shock of witnessing their " coming out".

They work away, invisibly at first, for months and years , whilst all goes on in the house much as before. Then perhaps a floorboard or bearer may develop a certain "give" under pressure or some telltale piles of surprising detritus may appear - annoyingly defacing the accustomed cleanliness and order of the house.Some in the house may suspect or even realize what is happening, but often the Householder tolerates the the situation which, in his naivete he thinks is manageable.

If no corrective action is taken, the day arrives when the shell or skin of paint can no longer hold together when all the wood it was decorating has been eaten away by the subversive activity of the termites.Finally they can be seen in their frenzied activity quite openly moving on to what remains to destroy that too. The naive Householder is incapable of justifying his failure to take…