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Some weeks ago Cardinal Reinhard Marx , Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference spoke in surprising terms about the forthcoming October Synod on the Family which is the continuation of the contentious late 2014 Synod.

Briefly, Cardinal Marx told reporters that after the Synod, the German Bishops intend to produce their own pastoral document. The Synod he said, must lead to " further progress" in finding a common position on fundamental issues, but it " cannot prescribe in detail what we are to do in Germany". But he said that the German Bishops could not wait for the Synod statements.  " We are not just a subsidiary of Rome" said Cardinal Marx continuing that each episcopal conference is responsible for its own pastoral care in its own culture in " its own unique way".

This expression of view is of course totally alien to the truth and reality of the Catholic Faith. But for days it went unanswered at the highest levels. But finally it seems…


The election of Pope Francis just two years and a few days ago, certainly has brought in its wake a vigorous stirring of the waters within the Catholic Church. Anxiously, various groups of interested Catholics have looked for signs as to what the new Pontificate might mean for them.

Two special groups whose activities are not often identified are those I have chosen to call the Meerkats  and the Chameleons. Meerkats , not so much for the "loveable" characteristics usually imputed to those animals , as for the custom of the Meerkats to suddenly stand up craning for the best view possible to protect themselves and their interests. And Chameleons for their ability to change their colouring to blend in with the prevailing local colour range.

These first two years of Pope Francis' activity have been times of radical superficial change, and this has demanded the attention of both groups.The Modernist Meerkats had been steadily forced into a prolonged period of inactivity in the …

" UNLESS A MAN........"

" UNLESS A MAN......."

"UNLESS A MAN......." We saw in our last post that the ONLY way to gain an authentic personal relationship with Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ, is to be a member of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church He founded. To be authentic, our relationship with Jesus Christ must be founded on the basis He determined, and be nourished by the means He provided.
Indeed, God's very purpose in crashing through from Eternity into time , was to achieve the Salvation of Man through the Passion, Death and Resurrection of His Divine Son. It was this Divine Son, Jesus Christ, Whose project for continuing His Salvific work on Earth, after His Ascension, is the Catholic Church - the very Kingdom of God of which He spoke so often. This is a fascinating concept. 
No. More than that, as an act of God upon Earth - a theophany - it is an electrifying miracle. Not just another institution, the Catholic Church is wonderfully unique. God did this. God did this, for …


"FINDING JESUS" FUNDAMENTALIST EXPERIENCES I had a very interesting conversation over a light lunch the other day with another friend and a Priest recently returned from travelling for some time. In the course of a wide-ranging discussion, Father mentioned encountering some college friends who had abandoned the Faith because they had " discovered Jesus" in a fundamentalist "Christian " sect.In the conversation the emphasis was on his sorrow at seeing these folk slide away from the Faith.

Later, it came back to my mind, when I was reading some Meditations on the Life of Christ ( Father Nicola Avancini S.J.). Have these folk , who have abandoned Jesus' Mystical Body - the Catholic Church , really "discovered Jesus? 

We are of course not talking about some merely human founder of an organisation, or some mere philosopher . No we are talking about God made Man. The God/Man Who said of Himself :

"4Abide in me, and I in you. As the bra…


A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST Wehear a great deal these days from Protestant Fundamentalists about the need to establish a " personal relationship with Jesus Christ " - sounds like a great idea - sounds reasonable.

But Catholics have been there in reality for 2,000 years.

It occurred to me most forcefully at Holy Mass this morning and at Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament following Holy Mass. Could we have a more personal relationship with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ than to belong faithfully to the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church He founded and guaranteed to remain with until the end of time?

Could we have a more personal relationship  with Jesus Christ than to enjoy the 7 Sacraments He left in the care of that Church? And really, could we have a more utterly personal relationship with Jesus Christ than to be present at Holy Mass as Bread and Wine are miraculously transubstantiated into His Body, Blood ,Soul and Divinity at the Consecr…