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Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world , and the most populous in Africa. With an estimated population of 183,500,000 it contains 2.5% of the entire world population.Even by economic standards it is the 22nd largest country in the world by GDP and the largest in Africa.
( For comparison's sake - for my fellow Australian readers - Australia is the 52nd largest country in the world by population with 23,800,000 people -0.328% of the world's population , but it ranks 12th in the world by GDP which is more than double that of Nigeria.)

By any standard, what happens in Nigeria is of world importance. But it is fair to say that this fact is not well-recognised in the mainstream media, and even less well appreciated in Australia where the popular focus on Africa is hazy or almost lost in impenetrable fog.


Most readers will be familiar with the name BOKO HARAM even despite that "impenetrable fog". The name means " Western Education is forb…


The recently concluded visit by the Holy Father to South America will be remembered for two things at least, neither of them desirable. On his home continent, there is no doubt that the Holy Father was feeling very much "at home" - these are the people and the problems he knows well, and they responded warmly and tumultuosly to their distinguished visitor. The tri-nation tour took the Holy Father to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. But it was in Bolivia firstly, on the 8th of July and then again on the 9th of July, that events became surprising to say the least.

On the 8th July,the Bolivian President one Evo Morales was received by the Holy Father and in the course of the Audience presented the Holy Father with an object in the shape of the Communist Hammer and Sickle upon which was mounted a Corpus from a crucifix:

As expected, Pope Francis held an in-flight press conference on his way back to Rome this Monday. ....... he made use of this opportunity to personally clarify his …


In our last post
we pointed out that the Encyclical "Laudato Si' " contained a beautiful summary of much of Catholic Teaching but dressed up in latter day environmentalist and anti-capitalist rhetoric.

It seems we were not alone in reaching this conclusion. Surprisingly a rather more scathing assessment was made in the Lead Editorial in last week's "WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN" the weekend edition of the nation's most serious newspaper. Oddly, the Editorial attracted little media attention and even seemed to slide by on the Internet forums due to the overwhelming effect of the U.S. Supreme court's decision to make law regarding Homosexual Mirage. But it is worthwhile examining just what this secular Editorial had to say about the Encyclical and its likely effect.

The Editorial begins by praising Pope Francis' earliest initiatives as wholly to be praised. But it is brought up short b…