"...... LORD OF ALL......"

" ........LORD OF ALL......"

How often are we so absorbed in our own devotion, or on the negative side, our own pre-occupations, that we let the words " Lord of all" roll off our tongues unthinkingly? The fact is that they signify and should conjure up, a totally awe inspiring concept.

The One,True, Trinitarian God has brought every single element of creation into being and each fragment survives in existence solely because of His Will.

Our mere human minds can accept this concept but are totally unable to comprehend the extent of what is involved.And again we do become accustomed to oft - repeated ideas.

Father Nicola Avancini S.J. 1612 - 1686 in his Meditations ( " The Life and Teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ") (#228 -The Immensity and Omnipresence of God - Friday of 3rd Week after Pentecost), writes  :

" 1. " Do I not fill heaven and Earth , saith the Lord" (Jer, XXIII. 24)
Wherever space exists, wherever space can be imagined to exist, God is there. Nowhere can we be concealed from His Face. Whithersoever we flee, God is there. Wherever we hide we lie open to Him. Likewise we can enjoy God everywhere. If we seek God we know we shall find Him in every place where obedience calls us. No place is so vile that He is not there. But why do we try to escape Him ?

2. "Do I not fill heaven and Earth, saith the Lord?"

Let us consider the ways in which God is everywhere.

(I) By His Essence, that is, with His entire Godhead. Here, therefore, where I am at this moment, is God the Father, here God the Son is being begotten, and here is breathing the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son. So I am never alone. Therefore, I always have a Friend with Whom I can hold converse, but also One to reverence and fear in every place.

(II) By His Presence, and that a living Presence, beholding all things, knowing all things. He is present when I pray, when I am tempted, when I am afflicted or when I am doing good.Let us make acts of faith in this His Presence, love Him, trust Him, and seek to be pleasing in His eyes only.

(III) By His Power, for He acts everywhere, preserving all things and working al things together..... Therefore in adversity I will not be cast down, " for Thou art with me.." ( Ps. XXII: 4), and wilt help me in my infirmities.  

3. " And ...He is not far from any one of us ( Acts XVII: 27 Knox Version)

Let us think exactly how near God is to each one of us, far nearer even than our own souls. In us is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the very Godhead, by His Essence, by His Presence and by His Power. It is His Goodness that gives us our being, His Wisdom that gives us our understanding and His Omnipotence that gives us our power to act. Let us seek God within ourselves, striving to be a habitation worthy of His Majesty, lest we displease Him who is ever enthroned in our very being. "

There, I believe, we have a good beginning to launch a re-think of our attitude to the "Lord of all".

I once had a Priest say to me, in attempted rebuttal of some comments I had made about his wrongful liturgical behaviour : " I have been a Pastor for 24 years, and I am very comfortable with my God !"

I responded " Well Father I am not the least bit " comfortable" with God."

I hope that  readers will see that grateful as we are for God's Love and Mercy, it is not our place to be " comfortable" , or take for granted, the " Lord of all".


Kevin Burgess said…
If it had been me and our Priest (not MY) kept using 'MY' as in 'comfortable with MY God',I probably would also have replied along the same lines about our relationship with God. Especially in ones personal relationship with Him, which of course we all possess( He 'knows you by your name' and 'every hair on your head is counted'. (Read Psalm 139). However, I would have added, "Oh.. is YOUR God other than He whom I also turn to and worship?" We are required to be obedient to the Church Christ founded and the wrong sort of or careless innovation, mitigates toward division in the Body of Christ. Another timely post Vexilla Regis.

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