Would you believe? The recently -appointed Vice -Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary Banyo Queensland has strongly advocated the idea that Jesus Christ did not always know He is God???

Some years ago when father Farrelly preached to this effect  at an 8.00 amm weekday morning Mass in Saint Stephen's Cathedral Brisbane  during the Archbishop Bathersby years, I came upon three ladies arguing with Father Farrrelly that he was quite wrong. But he was firmly and laughingly defending his proposition. I joined in by pointing out that he was arguing that Jesus was God but He didn't know it! That being a logical impossibility, his case collapsed unless he was arguing that Jesus BECAME God at some stage of his life on earth , which is plainly heresy. With bluster and and a superior tone His reverence insisted on his view and the encounter concluded.

Now all of this you might well consider quite bizarre - but read on and see how far the Brisbane Heresy had reached - even becoming enshrined in a Pastoral Letter of the era!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


2005 - 2006 Were characterised by the usual abuses by the Usual Suspects in the Archdiocese of Brisbane - all without hindrance from Archiepiscopal Authority. Even in the Cathedral , the terms of Redemptionis Sacramentum dated on the Feast of the Annunciation 2004 at Chapter IV 4.106 , were - and for that matter - still are completely ignored. The Precious Blood was not , and is not, consecrated in the Chalices , but in a large Silver Jug and poured - contrary to the Instruction, subsequently into the Chalices. This is not the greatest offence imaginable - but it is a considerable arrogance.

In June 2006 Archbishop Bathersby was reported as having written to all of his Priests saying that he wished to spend his last five years in office leading up to his July, 2011 Retirement, "leading the Archdiocese in prayer."

Meanwhile His Grace's Liturgical Il Supremo for the Archdiocese, Father Tom "Two Tables" Elich, continued to have difficulty in adjusting to his post- National Liturgical Commission and post- old ICEL eclipse.

In his "Liturgical News"- bearing Archbishop Bathersby's  Imprimatur - Vol.36 No.1 for March 2006, his Editorial, featuring some wryly amusing parallels with much feminist writing, found the re-publishing of "Liturgy the Life of the Church" by Dom Lambert Beauduin particularly offensive.

He complained that the new edition refers to "Saint" Pius X whereas in the original pre- canonisation edition, it had read "Pope Pius X".  It seems that Sainthood was not convenient for Father Elich's purposes. The title of one Chapter as originally published was: "The Liturgical Movement at Present".In the new edition it is entitled "The Liturgical Movement ". This was evidently seen as sinister
 In high histrionic mode Father Elich wrote: "I believe we need to reclaim the pioneers of the Liturgical Movement for the mainstream of the Church and not abandon them to the uses of the right-wing revisionists". How about that, for a bit of Marxist style abuse!

 We might have posed a few questions :

. Who are the "we" Father Elich owns?

. How does he hope to reconcile the work of Dom Gueranger, Dom Beauduin, Father Guardini, Father Jungmann, Father Parsch and all the prominent leaders of the Liturgical Movement with the present "disaster"? ( not that we would agree with every suggestion of Fathers Jungmann and Parsch).

. How can anyone reconcile the Council's document on the Sacred Liturgy with very many post -Conciliar happenings?

Father's histrionics reached a resounding flourish at the end when he let fly : "We know who we are, when we know whence we came", quoting the black American homosexual James Arthur Baldwin according to Google and Wikipedia.(An odd source for a Priest one might think.)

It seems increasingly apparent  who they are , and, where they are coming from, and it is NOT the authentic Liturgical Movement.


Rounding out 2006 was Archbishop Bathersby's Advent Pastoral Letter. We dealt with it when reflecting on His Grace's views on the deposing of  William Morris,  the flawed former Bishop of Toowoomba, but it is worth repeating :
Metropolitan Archbishop John A. Bathersby of Brisbane
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports further on the departure of Bishop Morris former Bishop of Toowoomba and Suffragan of Archbishop Bathersby :
However, the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, John Bathersby, says there is still room for progressive viewpoints in the church.
Archbishop Bathersby says he would like to know why the Vatican decided to replace Toowoomba's long-serving bishop.
He says he is saddened by the Vatican's move but it is ultimately their decision.
"This is the way that the church operates and it's just sad it's come to this," he said.
"I just wish it hadn't happened and I don't know why it happened and I would very much like to know.
"I love the church - it's as simple like that.
"Now the the church makes mistakes, has made mistakes, terrible things in the past by Popes and that, but again I still feel that I want to belong to the church."
Archbishop Bathersby says the church is still open to progressive members.
"I think that the church has those types of people, has conservatives, has got radicals at the same time, but somehow the church is able to embrace all those different people," he said." 

"Archbishop Bathersby says he would like to know why the Vatican decided to replace Toowoomba's long-serving bishop."???
Perhaps His Grace is also thinking of his own Advent Pastoral in that Year of Queensland errors 2006:

In his 2006 Pastoral Letter for Advent he committed to published print some of his ideas we had heard in previous sermons or had been relayed to us third- hand. Here is the passage and beneath it, what the Church believes and teaches:

Archbishop Bathersby (Centre) with friends Bishop William Morris(R) and Anglican Archbishop Aspinall (L) using St.Stephen's High Altar to sign a "Covenant".

Archbishop Bathersby:
"Yet the title that includes all the others is the deceptively simple title 'Prophet of the Kingdom'. This title places Jesus in a long line of Jewish prophets who addressed the chosen people in the name of God, and often died because of their message. However, Jesus as a prophet was different from the others because he was unique.
He was the prophet par excellence, the Messiah, the long awaited messenger of God who announced the arrival of the Kingdom in Himself.

He must have realised that in himself God was not merely calling the chosen people into an ever deeper relationship as God had done with the prophets and patriarchs, but that in relating to Himself people were relating to God.

He must also have realised that relationship with Himself would save the world and change it forever.

No longer would sinfulness prevail as it had done earlier, but rather the love of God would reach out through Him not just to a few privileged people but to all people who would experience in Himself God's love and forgiveness.

It was a reckless, extravagant claim that ultimately cost Jesus his life, nevertheless this extraordinary claim was ultimately vindicated by resurrection."

The Venerable Pope Pius XII


"75. Now the only begotten Son of God embraced us in His infinite knowledge and undying love even before the world began. And that He might give a visible and exceedingly beautiful expression to this love, He assumed our nature in hypostatic union: hence - as Maximus of Turin with a certain unaffected simplicity remarks - "in Christ our own flesh loves us "(156)) But the knowledge and love of Our Divine Redeemer, of which we were the object from the first moment of His Incarnation, exceed all that the human intellect can hope to grasp. For hardly was He conceived in the womb of the Mother of God, when He began to enjoy the Beatific Vision, and in that vision all the members of His Mystical Body were continually and unceasingly present to Him, and He embraced them with His redeeming love. O marvelous condescension of Divine Love for us! O inestimable dispensation of boundless charity! In the crib, on the Cross, in the unending glory of the Father, Christ has all the members of the Church present before Him and united to Him in a much clearer and more loving manner than that of a mother who clasps her child to her breast, or than that with which a man knows and loves himself." (Emphasis added.)

If we followed Archbishop Bathersby (and his Anglican guru Bishop Tom Wright of Durham, England, who he refers to and has brought to Brisbane to teach Catholics about Christ) we would hold that at some time Jesus developed His thinking along these lines:

“Gosh, I think I'm the Messiah!' (Whom the Jews of that time expected to be a military and political leader.) Then, “Hey, I reckon all the Jews should come to God through me". Then, “well, golly, I believe I am God."

This marvelous bit of self discovery would logically involve either:
(a) Jesus having become God somewhere in the process, or
(b) Having been God incarnate from the instant of His Conception, but not knowing it - God, but He didn't know it!

Since we know that the Church has always taught that Jesus was God Incarnate from the moment of His Conception (“" and the Word became flesh”) His Grace was advancing the latter absurd proposition. He should not be surprised that we prefer to stay with Pope Pius XII .

Plainly, Archbishop Bathersby's "like to know" is an evasion, and one indicative of more extensive problems."
In January, 2007 "FOUNDATION" on Page 16,  highlighted  Canon 229 which specifies the right of layfolk ( and their duty) to acquire the knowledge of Christian teaching appropriate to each one's capacity. It noted that where the teaching of those in authority in a Diocese is unorthodox, the Canon is breached And reference is made to cracked bells in the Catholic "Belfries"of Toowoomba and Brisbane.The above quotes demonstrate their discordant sounds all too clearly.


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