Yesterday I re-posted  " I Am Interrogated     Very Nicely"  which dated from early January 2012. This complementary Post appeared  toward the end of that month, as I reflected more fully on the experience of those now distant times .                
I have deliberately left it intact , so there are anachronisms - no harm - it gives us a clearer picture of what we have been through. And more current events are well known and judgements of them do not need to be laboured.


On 11th of this Month I did a Post entitled "I am Interrogated - Very Nicely". Since completing that Post, I have continued to reflect on what I wrote and the realities that caused me to form the views expressed there. It became clearer and clearer to me that , through much of my life, the Church has been engaged in a War being waged against her, by her deadly Foe.

It became equally clear that she has not always reacted in a manner appropriate to one in danger of, or actually under such attack, during the turbulent post-Conciliar period.

It also occurred to me that in my own life's experience and learning, I was confronted with a number of important parallels from the realm of naval operations. These parallels offer some serious food for thought.


Firstly, it is always critically important to have a clear understanding of the Strategic Picture. In the case of Naval Forces, this has its origins in Government's assessment of the international situation, particularly in the region of operations. In the case of the Church, the Strategic Assessment has been prepared two thousand years ago by Saints Peter and Paul under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


1Peter 5:8

St. Paul Ephesians 6:
"put you on the armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil, for our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness........."

So, from the very beginning it is clear, and if we needed emphasis, we could go back still further to Luke  22: 31"And the Lord said to Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have thee, that he may sift thee as wheat."

Strategic Assessment: Satan is the implacable enemy of Christ's Church until the end of time.

The realization of this fact  and the prompting of a vision of imminent trial for the Church in 1884, caused Pope Leo XIII to require the saying of prayers after Mass for the Church, and in 1886 these prayers were augmented by the famous Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel ,written by the Pope himself. These prayers were deleted in 1964 from the Missal, in the post- Conciliar removal of historical accretions from the Mass.



The Strategic View is in the main, the province of the Holy Father and his Curia. The Tactical View on the other hand is that formed by the diocesan Bishops. It would be fair to say that in the post-Conciliar period, their conviction of the imperatives flowing from the above Strategic View has been very mixed. And it is not a new thought to say that among the greatest problems in the Church to-day is the problem of many ineffective Bishops.

It is a very grave problem.

If we briefly consider our reference to Naval Warfare, think of the situation if an Admiral is informed of the Admiralty's assessment that their country is in danger of attack by an enemy, but the Admiral ignores the assessment, prefers not to  discuss the enemy or the possibility of his action, or even doubts his existence. Accordingly he does nothing to alert the vessels under his command and they continue about their peacetime occupations. When the enemy's attack comes, it will be devastating!


A Bishop who pays no attention to the activity of the Devil, and does not alert his Priests to stay on guard and pray and fast against the known threat to the Church from Satan is in the same situation. His Priests will not systematically instruct their people in the Faith, encourage them systematically in taking advantage of the sacramental life Christ has left us, and prepare them thus for an attack, they will not be urgent in developing the sanctity of their flock and, accordingly they will be prone to subversion and defection and dereliction of duty. Such Priests themselves might also become vulnerable in the same way.


Just as so many of his predecessors had experienced, Pope Saint Pius X had to struggle against the agents of the Church's ancient Foe. In the good Saint's time they were known as "Modernists". They wanted in effect a "new Church" for the "Modern" days. But Saint Pius X saw clearly through their attempts, often subtle and insidious, to undermine the Truth. He condemned them outright and in shutting the door to their ideas, caused many of them to fall back "into the long grass" as they say in Rome. In due course, their successive disciples bided their time, awaiting their opportunity.

There was a global feeling of great relief at the end of the Second World War. Victory had been achieved over unspeakable Evil in both East and West. There was a degree of hubris abroad which saw progress and a wonderful future assured in the wake of that great victory. Postwar prosperity and peace was guaranteed by a splendidly confident and successful United States of America, despite the menace of Soviet and Chinese Communism. 

This was the atmosphere into which the Second Vatican Council was born. It seemed obvious that the Council would continue the great string of achievements in the civic sphere and result in a new Spring for the Church. It seems everyone forgot the perennial Foe. It was all reminiscent of a naval occasion, a balmy tropical Sunday Morning on 7th December, 1941 - at Pearl Harbour.

The enemy was quick off the mark. His agents, a group of mostly North European Prelates and Theologians began holding daily Press Conferences, reporting unofficially, what had been discussed  in the Council and giving the reports the "spin" they needed to put their ideas across and build certain expectations, without regard to what had actually been said or done. Because those who could have countered this dis-information, confined themselves to working within the Council proper, and never developed or perhaps saw the need to counter this subversive attack, the Foe succeeded brilliantly. By the time the official Council documents were published, the Media had already , ten times over, told the world what the Council was all about No more Latin, yes to Contraception, Yes to Female Priests, Abortion to be reviewed, No more Celibacy, homosexuality to be accepted and on and on. Then from some fevered diabolical brain came the phrase "the spirit of the Council". This was a master stroke of DECEIT. On the rare occasions someone who had actually read the Council Documents contradicted any or all of the above "changes", they were sidelined by an appeal to the spirit of the Council. In fact it became so widely useful that it could be used to justify Mass facing the people, ripping out Altar Rails, Confessionals, Statues, and in attacking : kneeling, going to Confession, daily attendance at Mass, praying for Vocations, wearing Religious Habits, reciting the Liturgy of the Hours, fasting, penance, religious obedience, religious vows -you name it- the spirit of the Council was against it. DECEIT INDEED.


After a long time and very great prompting from all sides, the lesson in all this was learned. When the great Synods of the world's Bishops have been held, the Holy See has been certain to have in place structures for daily, direct publication over the Internet of the interventions of Synod members and daily Summaries of the progress of the Synod. The result is not ideal, but it serves to deny the Foe and his agents any chance to gain traction in their subversive efforts.
There has also been some strengthening of the Holy See's communications effort. But in all honesty, it must be said that it still leaves much to be desired.



If you doubted that this was the Devil's work, or that he is still at it, think about the recent Year of the Priest. Here was a magnificent and Divinely inspired project to re-vitalise the Catholic Priesthood to inspire and motivate Priests and to lead the Faithful to greater support and prayer for Priests. What happened? The Foe mobilized the Media agents he has, prompting them to rake up stories of the horrible misdeeds of a very small percentage of Priests, nearly all 30-40 years ago, and to fulminate and to fume over the stories, to attack the Church and even - with wild and hate-filled speech to attack the Holy Father himself. The experience of the Year of the Priest triumphed over those Satanic attacks, but, in the eyes of those who look for a reason to justify their guilty separation from the Church, the attacks served just that purpose.


The great success of the Enemy in the post-Conciliar period emboldened those who had  lain "in the long grass" to stand up and declare themselves- after all they cried "we are the Church!
They too were subject to Hubris. And so we came to find, that the dissidents, the homosexuals, the Abortion advocates were "Legion" and with their mutual help, they had wormed their way into some significant positions. But now they were known for what they were. With the passage of time they are dead, gone off gaily with their special "partner or often administratively neutralized. Nevertheless many of them rattle around in "Catholic Universities (a la McBrien) or giving missions in leafy Parishes in Broken Bay Diocese -still not effectively dealt with.


We know that the characteristic that Jesus Our Master wishes to see identify us is that we love one another. It is a marvelous charge and a weighty burden. And it is weightier the further up the hierarchical structure of the Church one examines it. Every Priest, Prelate and Pontiff must consider the hope of saving each of the faithful, lay, clerical, and episcopal from himself. For this very reason we witness the extraordinary forbearance of the Holy Father with Lefebvrists, errant leaders of New Movements, an errant Bishop in the Congo, another in Queensland and yet the time comes when Love is rejected and pride and falsity lead the offender /s into obstinacy, and action must be taken.

In the Naval situations we have mentioned previously, as in all military situations and commercial ones too for that matter, that point would be reached much sooner. There are still those who question the time frames resulting in the Church's dealing with these matters. One would not try to defend the administration of every problem. No doubt mistakes are made, errors of judgment also cause delay, and often rogues are protected by people in the administrative chain.

But, remembering above all the Lords desired identifying characteristic of Love for one another, it does seem that in many situations we could do better to address problems earlier so that rogues that are naughty mice do not come to regard themselves as wounded Lions - misleading more and more people as they survive. It is also true, that exemplary timely action sends a clear message to other rogues and helps them to fall into line or decide to be honest and leave, instead of hanging on giving scandal, either through inertia or the desire to preserve what they have made a comfortable life.


Three relevant naval incidents seem to me instructive in all this:

When Admiral Lord Nelson pursued the French Fleet through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic and back, he bemoaned the lack of fast Frigates to extend the search beyond the reach of his lumbering line of Ships of The Line. He knew who the enemy was, but did not know for a longtime WHERE he was.

We know WHERE our Enemy is - his agents have long since identified themselves.

Again, in World War I at Jutland, when the great Battle Fleets of England and Germany finally came against one another, Admiral Lord Jellicoe in Command of the British Grand Fleet had the humiliating experience of having to signal to the dashing and jaunty Admiral Beatty as his fast Squadron of Battle Cruisers flashed by- "Where is the Enemy?" and receiving NO REPLY!

Here we see that everyone must be trained and be the right personality to do his duty as required, if right is to be done in a timely fashion.

Lastly, in the Second World War, in the largest Naval Engagement in the history of the World - the Battle for Leyte Gulf- human error came to bear with serious consequences in misunderstanding. The American Admiral Halsey was in command of the most modern group of Battleships afloat known as Task Force 38. His superior in Hawaii was Admiral Nimitz and as the great Battle out in Leyte Gulf and around the rest of the Philippines was reaching a crescendo, he wanted Halsey's Task Force 38 to protect the landing forces in Leyte Gulf from the Japanese Main Battle Fleet which was about to pounce. But Halsey had earlier received incorrect information about Japanese movements and was well on his way out of the real action. Signal was structured at the time in code thus: nonsense padding/message/nonsense padding.Halsey received this message: "TURKEY TROTS TO WATER.WHERE IS. REPEAT WHERE IS TASK FORCE 38. THE WORLD WONDERS" Halsey's reaction was volcanic and much very valuable time and energy was wasted in finally discovering that the very junior officer who encoded the message had been lax , and had broken the cardinal rule that padding in messages must not be plausible. The insulting "The world wonders" was no more than padding.

From this, we can learn the importance of a professional approach in the prosecution of Church affairs not everything should be left to be covered by the generous application of Love. For in the administration of Church affairs grave scandal can be given .Undue consideration given to an influential individual or group may lead many more into serious error. It is not an easy row to hoe!

In sum, we, as Catholics, need to get real and act like people under attack, and as a Church do the same. For too long we have coasted along as if all was sweet and lovely in our world, trying to preserve our peace of mind at all costs. 

The truth is, that there is a third wave of attack coming down - not might be - it has begun . Radical secularists and advocates of the culture of Death are aggressively pursuing legislative attacks on the Catholic Church and its fundamental teachings. This is happening to-day in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Canada and in Australia and in the European Union. We need to be ready. Blessed John Paul II foresaw it, Pope Benedict XVI has sounded the  warning in the clearest possible terms. Some Metropolitan Archbishops and Bishops in each of these areas, including our own much loved and admired Cardinal George Pell have taken up the call. But we need a systematic and active reaction  not just a sympathetic reaction.

If we do not employ every resource at our disposal, both spiritual and practical, we will in a short  time find ourselves bound hand and foot by laws that enslave us to commit or be complicit in the support of abortion, euthanasia, and more. Don't be surprised.


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