This post originally appeared on 28th November, 2013 under the Title "THE REAL POPE FRANCIS IS STANDING UP."

If you have any associate or acquaintances who might be described as "spirit of the Council" people or dissidents, approach them with caution , they have been having a very bad couple of weeks.

For in the last two weeks or so Pope Francis has shaken off the mantle of enigma to a large extent, and, in a series of actions has placed himself firmly, and  what is more formally and publicly, on the side of Catholic orthodoxy and the hermeneutic of continuity so effectively advocated by Pope Benedict XVI in his time.

The first action taken by the Holy See was to take down from its WebSite the text of the notorious  Scalfari "Interview". And shortly after that Scalfari was obliged to admit that what he had printed in his magazine was largely his own idea of what the Pope said, rather than the Pope's words.

Secondly, as we have noted in our previous Post, the Holy Father has praised the work of Archbishop Agostino Marchetto and commended with out reserve his rigorous defence of the hermeneutic of continuity - this is a resounding set back for the "New Church" people.

Thirdly, the Holy Father has decided to send a personal envoy to represent him at celebrations of the 450th Anniversary of the closing of the great Council of Trent.In his letter to the envoy, the Holy Father wrote;
'Graciously hearing the very same Holy Ghost, the Holy Church of our age, even now, continues to restore and meditate upon the most abundant doctrine of Trent.As a matter of fact, the " hermeneutic of renewal" which Our Predecessor  Benedict XVI explained in 2005 before the Roman Curia, refers not only to the Tridentine Council but also to the Vatican Council." 

This strong assertion of the continuity of the Church before through and after Vatican II could not have been more forcefully made - to the chagrin of the dissident elements who have sought to "own" Pope Francis.

And within a few days of that letter, at his daily Mass, Pope Francis stressed that it is not the community that is the important thing at Holy Mass but rather " More important is the adoration :the whole community unites to see the altar where the sacrifice is celebrated and adored."His Holiness went on : " I believe - I say this humbly - that maybe we Christians have lost a little the sense of adoration."   These sentiments could NOT be further from those held by the false " spirit of the Council" people. The words " Sacrifice" and "altar" are anathema to them( they prefer "meal" and "table" in the protestant fashion).

Yes Indeed! Pope Francis has stood up and boldly asserted his position! I thank Michael Voris of Church Militant TV for drawing these facts together and highlighting their significance , and also the great Father John Zuhlsdorf for his recent posts.

With this encouragement, we will proceed to steadily examine the Holy father's epic 224 page Apostolic Exhortation " Evangelii Gaudium".


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