This post first appeared on 18th October, 2014 under the Title " CURRENT EVENT : TERMITES RAMPANT"

Cardinal Walter Kasper and the Holy Father

Anyone who has suffered the onslaught of termites knows the terrible shock of witnessing their " coming out".

They work away, invisibly at first, for months and years , whilst all goes on in the house much as before. Then perhaps a floorboard or bearer may develop a certain "give" under pressure or some telltale piles of surprising detritus may appear - annoyingly defacing the accustomed cleanliness and order of the house.Some in the house may suspect or even realize what is happening, but often the Householder tolerates the the situation which, in his naivete he thinks is manageable.

If no corrective action is taken, the day arrives when the shell or skin of paint can no longer hold together when all the wood it was decorating has been eaten away by the subversive activity of the termites.Finally they can be seen in their frenzied activity quite openly moving on to what remains to destroy that too. The naive Householder is incapable of justifying his failure to take timely action and is at last forced to take radical action to bring the infestation to an end, to the great disturbance of the household.

Recent events in the Church in Germany and from Germany into the wider Church in the Synod on the Family reflect the same type of situation.

It is quite remarkable that the wealthy Church in Germany - supported by Government Church Tax levied directly onto registered Catholics - has been on a long downward spiral slip-sliding away into heretical positions for a long time.Numbers of the German hierarchy have been leading the push. One of the flash point issues has been that of making Holy Communion available to divorced and re-married people : i.e. those living together in an illicit relationship and therefore continually and publicly in Mortal Sin.  But recently the German Government changed aspects of the Church Tax law which led to numerous people " leaving the Church" to avoid heavier tax. This type of "heresy"was treated with outrage by the German Bishops , and one of their leading outraged and strongly protesting complainants was His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper.

Now , it just so happens that this same Cardinal Kasper has been a leading proponent of Holy Communion being made available to those Divorced and illicitly re-married! But attempt to avoid higher taxes , and just watch him fight to put you in your place.

As it happens, Pope Francis facilitated Cardinal Kasper in the presentation of his views on Holy Communion at a gathering in preparation for the Synod.This caused quite an uproar and has led to an avalanche of books, articles, speeches in defence of Catholic teaching and against the German push.Cardinal Kasper has complained vociferously that he is being wrongly attacked and that the Holy Father approves of his position. But after some initial seemingly favourable remarks in general about Cardinal Kasper's efforts, the Holy Father has maintained silence. It would seem that his original intention had been to use Cardinal Kasper as an icebreaker, to get strong discussion going. If so he has bitten off rather more than he can readily chew.

The problem of knowing what is going on in the Synod, is made more difficult by the foggy reporting of it by the Vatican Information Service. Unlike previous Synods, the reports do not record exactly what was said and by whom something was said. In the past a Website for the Synod gave the text of the interventions and the of course the name of the speakers. But the two VIS reports so far are quite different, They present only a summary of what was said, don't say who said what, and don't  present any contrary views and don't relate what has been said to Church teaching. The whole process is non-transparent, open to manipulation and devoid of credibility.

This is doubly so when the first two days' reports read like a recitation of the utterances of the false "spirit of the Council" advocates.

Termites 7 so far, the Church Nil and the Householder not looking too good. 


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