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There was a time when some Catholics believed that Protestants knew more about the Bible than Catholics generally speaking did.
But the reality was always rather different.
The Protestantism of that time was based on parts of the Bible- the parts that were convenient for the few hundred years of deteriorating  ideas that constituted Protestant concepts -  which had increasingly led them back into the Old Testament. This fact was reflected in the Victorian era Protestant affection for Old Testament names, which was  evident in the American Civil War, from ABRAHAM Lincoln to Gen. JUBAL Early, not to mention the peppering of Jedediahs, Hezekiahs, Moses etc. The Old Testament was for them, happily free of mention of "Thou art Peter and upon this Rock...", "Unless a man eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood......"and "Whatsoever thou shalt bind upon Earth...."and all those Catholic  commissioning words  Our Divine L…


At the heart of Catholicism is Faith. Faith in the God Man Jesus Christ who died on the Cross to bring to everyone everywhere the chance of Salvation -  if they choose it.For this reason He established his Church which, after only a few decades came to be called Catholic - that is universal.
The handmaid of that Faith, in authentic Catholicism ,has always been Reason.The relationship has been explicit since the time of Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas later on.In more recent times it was thoroughly examined by Blessed Pope John Paul II ( soon to be Saint if media reports are true) in his Encyclical " Fides et Ratio" - Faith and Reason.
In the course of a casual exchange with friends to-day, it became clearer to me how very much this insistence on " Reason" has put the Catholic Church at odds with the modern world. At first blush, this might seem odd for an institution founded on Faith. For the modern world in its glibness, would inevitably assume Faith to be …


Serving With the Angels : This article was originally written and published by me in the November 1998 former Newsletter "FOUNDATION". It has to-day been amplified slightly to highlight the compelling reasoning of Pope Pius XI.

It is interesting how many treasures both sacred and profane get buried and forgotten with the passage of time -

tilling the soil in Ireland reveals a Mass kit buried for safety (its priestly owner perhaps executed before he could return for it), 

a vast hoard of Roman coins recovered at the bottom of the excavation of an English well (if only the barbarian attackers had known) or,

 a Papal Encyclical buried in the subsequent documentation of World War II and the Second Vatican Council “churchquake”. But the dust has settled and the advent of the computer database is shining light on some gems.

Eighty years ago the great Pope Pius XI issued the crystal clear gem of an encyclical Mortalium Animos on fostering true religious Unity.  He drew attention to what…


"FINDING JESUS" FUNDAMENTALIST EXPERIENCES I had a very interesting conversation over a light lunch recently with another friend and a Priest recently returned from travelling for some time. In the course of a wide-ranging discussion, Father mentioned encountering some college friends who had abandoned the Faith because they had " discovered Jesus" in a fundamentalist "Christian " sect.In the conversation the emphasis was on his sorrow at seeing these folk slide away from the Faith.

Later, it came back to my mind, when I was reading some Meditations on the Life of Christ ( Father Nicola Avancini S.J.). Have these folk , who have abandoned Jesus' Mystical Body - the Catholic Church , really "discovered Jesus? 

We are of course not talking about some merely human founder of an organisation, or some mere philosopher . No we are talking about God made Man. The God/Man Who said of Himself :

"4Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit…