My Great Great Great Grandfather - Lutheran - created this heroic statue of Martin Luther- this is the mythical man so much admired by Adolf Hitler and many others - the founder of Protestantism and arch defacer of Sacred Scripture. Luther was also a vicious anti-Semite, alcoholic and womaniser and more importantly a Blasphemer. 

There was a time when some Catholics believed that Protestants knew more about the Bible than Catholics generally speaking did.

But the reality was always rather different.

The Protestantism of that time was based on parts of the Bible- the parts that were convenient for the few hundred years of deteriorating  ideas that constituted Protestant concepts -  which had increasingly led them back into the Old Testament. This fact was reflected in the Victorian era Protestant affection for Old Testament names, which was  evident in the American Civil War, from ABRAHAM Lincoln to Gen. JUBAL Early, not to mention the peppering of Jedediahs, Hezekiahs, Moses etc. The Old Testament was for them, happily free of mention of "Thou art Peter and upon this Rock...", "Unless a man eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood......"and "Whatsoever thou shalt bind upon Earth...."and all those Catholic  commissioning words  Our Divine Lord had spoken.

                                              "Her eyes always fixed firmly on the Lord."

 But the Catholic Church, sure of her foundation,with her eyes always fixed firmly on the Lord, and sustained by His seven Sacraments, has always been happy to embrace the whole of Sacred Scripture. She has from her beginnings two millennia ago, integrated Sacred Scripture into her Liturgy and her Liturgy of the Hours. She also knows the Truth about the Communion of Saints and has rejoiced in celebrating the memory of her members who have gone to their reward for heroic sanctity, by marking specially the Commemoration of their entry into Eternal Life and by naming little infants for them and seeking their patronage and intercession.

for the Catholic Church He says' I  AM WITH YOU ALL DAYS...'
It is ironic really, that in the eternally fragmenting realm of Protestantism, some of the sects have even come to call themselves "Full Gospel" churches. They are,  of course, nothing like it.Like the "Peoples'Republic of China"etc. their very name contradicts their reality.

Strangely, most Protestants never think where the Bible came from. That is to say , who said what constitutes the Bible! They are shocked to learn that it was a Council of the same Catholic Church they have been taught to loathe, and look at askance, for generations.

Catholics, it is true do not normally learn limited passages of Sacred Scripture deliberately by heart, much less have off pat Chapter And Verse of a few passages for quoting in the Protestant manner. Rather, from continual repetition in the Sacred Liturgy and in prayers and preaching, they instantly recognize, and more importantly, appreciate the true significance of, a broad spectrum of scriptural passages and situations.As has been said decades ago , and repeated by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, Truth is symphonic - there is no dissonance in authentic Catholic teaching, preaching and worship and Sacred Scripture.

Centre of Christianity, St Peter's Basilica is raised above The Apostle's Tomb
on the Vatican Hill across the ancient road from Nero's Circus where "the Rock"was crucified upside down as he said he was unworthy to die as the Lord had done.

We should thank God for the activity of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s Church guaranteeing her free from error until the end of time. For this very reason, our ecumenical activity has to be necessarily, discreet, carefully measured and circumspect.

This is even more true in these times, in which many Protestant organizations have even abandoned the Old Testament as well as the New testament as they have pursued apparent "relevance" at the expense of even claiming an interest in, or conviction that there is, Truth. More and more of them have ended up in the doctrine free zone the Unitarians entered perhaps 100 years ago. Even in the one organisation it is possible to find the wildest extremes in positions, from something approaching Christian belief to a sort of licentious social democracy which feels scant need for, let alone belief in, a God, as long as you are Green, Homosexual and Feminist.

We should always remember in our prayers the need for the conversion of Protestants and engage in authentic ecumenical activity toward that end.


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