Love, the song tells us: “Love, changes everything….” This was of course written about romantic love, with its myriad complications. But it is no less true of all other forms of love and there are numbers of them.

Where do we see Love? We can most readily recognise it by its concomitants:

Communication, Respect, Joy, Spontaneity, Loyalty and Attention.

Yes, even outside romantic Love, Love changes everything.
It is important to test our relationships with those we love along these lines, to see how well we are playing our part.

But when we come to consider the ultimate non-romantic Love – our love for God Most High, our testing needs to be intense, for this is a matter of an entirely different order, and some of those concomitants even change their realities and their  names.

For Communication we have Prayer,
for Respect we have Worship
and for Attention we have Devotion. 


Joy, Spontaneity and Loyalty, in regard to our love of God, seem, strangely to become, in many cases,  victims of the modern world and its pre-occupations.

That this is so, suggests that some prior intrusion has subverted the person’s love of God. For, if through Prayer , Worship and Devotion one is evidencing commitment to God, Joy, Spontaneity and Loyalty would be such as to “ overcome the World” especially with the aid of the Holy Spirit.
So perhaps we are driven back to re-assess the quality of that Prayer, Worship and Devotion.

The old saying “Familiarity breeds contempt” is deep in wisdom and applies in many ways and situations. But in the case of our relationship to Almighty God the risks are too great to neglect the most extraordinary measures to avoid it being a factor. Yet this seems to be the very nub of the matter.

We see of course, in times of woe, a rapid and intense scurrying back to God for help – in times of war, disaster, grief, illness etc. even on a community wide scale. This phenomenon is hardly new; consider this poem by the English Poet Francis Quarles from 1632:

Our God and soldier we alike adore,
Even at the brink of danger, not before;
After deliverance, both alike requited.
Our God’s forgotten, and our soldiers slighted.”

But especially in the Season of Lent, we are led, and should be conditioned, to enter into Holy Week, and to experience the glorious joy of Easter. Lent seeks to help us to “ get real “ , to wake up to ourselves and shake off that familiarity which breeds contempt or even carelessness.

And, if you had the slightest lingering doubt that “ Love changes everything” pay attention to Saint John who speaks to us, not about our love for God, no, but about God’s love for us-


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

The Word made Flesh, for the love of the Father, burst out of Eternity into the sad confines of Time, to manifest the Father's infinite love for us.And to suffer grievously , and to die horribly, that we might be saved from our sins. 

Truly God's Love changes EVERYTHING.


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