SAINT PETER'S BASILICA

“For one must realize that the Church is at once conservative and revolutionary. Indeed the church of Jesus Christ has to be necessarily conservative. It has to preserve the deposit of revelation whole and unchangeable, since she exists for the precise purpose of keeping it and transmitting it I all fidelity. She has to preserve the full force of the sacraments, which are springs of supernatural life, and it is not in her power to suppress or add any single one because they were instituted by Christ and the Church exists in order to administer them. She has to preserve the moral norms and teach them constantly to all mankind. She has to show the way to salvation and she cannot give in to any error in any of these norms, because that would be tantamount to compromising with sin, and therefore, to opposing redemption 
which would obviously run contrary to her own essence.” 

Father Federico Suarez "The Narrow Gate" Published 1971

Memo to : Cardinals Maradiaga, Coccopalmerio and Kasper and their Patron.


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