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 Yesterday we looked back to 2013 to review the evolution of the attacks by the mainstream media on Cardinal George Pell. Let's look a little more closely at what is going on - what is it really about? Why , and how , are the events of 30 to 50 years ago being kept in the public mind?

Who are the players in this elaborate drama :

The principal "player" is the Catholic Church which has more active members at Mass every week than all the other religious bodies in the country combined. Her schools educate more children than all other Private Schools combined . Her Hospitals care for the majority of AIDS patients in the country. Her Aged Care facilities are spread throughout the country. BUT ....she is opposed to Contraception, Abortion, Homosexual Activity, Same Sex "Marriage", Divorce , fact she is the opponent of every banner immoral cause the modern mainstream media espouse.  She is the enemy in their view.

As the highest ranking Australian Cat…


The vile attacks on Cardinal Pell continue in the Media , year after year, the same old hoary distortions are trotted out at the latest propaganda inquiry into events of decades ago - the same old distortions are re-hashed. Here is our post on the 2013 campaign by the enemies of the Church . Tuesday, July 02, 2013
THE PERSECUTION OF CARDINAL GEORGE PELL Having read the vicious Channel Nine webpages I am moved to re-post this original item. The anti-Catholic bigotry on the Nine website is sickening.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Australian Media relish hating and persecuting Cardinal George Pell. Every device imagineable is employed to denigrate His Eminence and no depth is too deep for them to plumb in the effort.

His offence against the persecutors is not hard to find. His Eminence has, on a number of occasions stated that his practice is to "teach what the Catholic Church teaches,do what the Catholic Church does, and let the chips fall where they may...". Could anyo…


If you have ever descended into the depths of the Comments on Newspaper Blogs, or ABC Blogs, you will understand the vicious , soul-destroying , hatred directed at Catholicism,The Holy Father, Cardinal Pell,the Priesthood, and Catholics in general which lurks in parts of our community ; mindless,irrational , blind hatred dripping from every word ! It is a shock to encounter it for the first time, saddening to stumble upon it on further occasions.

Why is it so? The essential cause, is the fact that the Catholic Church and her Founder Jesus Christ are a reproach to many aspects of the haters' lives because, as Our Lord said : " are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you." By following Christ we Catholics and the Church speak out against Abortion, Contraception, Euthanasia, Homosexuality and its agenda, Pornography , and so one can readily see the spreading numbers of hedonistic self-indulgers that coalesce to hate us.




One of the changes introduced into the liturgical practice of the Church in the West - the Latin Church - following the second Vatican Council was the much more frequent adoption of the concelebration of Holy Mass.

Concelebration had never really died out, surviving in the Ordination Mass for Priests and the Mass for the Consecration of Bishops. In fact it was the Venerable Pope Pius XII in the 1950s who reminded Co-Consecrator Bishops that they ought to say the words of Consecration with the principal Bishop at the Consecration of the Bread and Wine at the Mass.

The GENERAL INSTITUTION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL (GIRM) [usually mis-translated as " Instruction"] is almost casual in Chapter IV # 114 when it says:

"114. Among those Masses celebrated by some communities, moreover, the conventual Mass, which is a part of the daily Office, or the community Mass, has a particular place. Although such Masses do not have a special form of celebration, it is neverthel…


This post was made several years ago - it makes one realise how long one has worked at the keyboard - it is as much a tribute to the now late and great Father Gregory Jordan S.J. who died on 19th July, 2015 , and who is seen here entering Saint Ignatius' Church Toowong Qld. Only minutes later he was felled by a massive stroke whilst celebrating Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. I always think of the picture as "Introibo ad Altare Dei..."

 Eternal Rest grant unto him O Lord, and may the Perpetual Light
                                       shine upon him, and may he rest in Peace .  AMEN

Here we present for your gentle amusement some verses, the first are quoted by Frank Sheed in one of his now out of print books,entitled "The Church and I "( published in 1974). I found the book rather unpleasant in tone in parts, but could not resist this, by an English Methodist in 1923 casting a baleful eye on Anglicans after a sly opening shot at Catholics:

(sung to t…