Yesterday we looked back to 2013 to review the evolution of the attacks by the mainstream media on Cardinal George Pell. Let's look a little more closely at what is going on - what is it really about? Why , and how , are the events of 30 to 50 years ago being kept in the public mind?

Who are the players in this elaborate drama :

The principal "player" is the Catholic Church which has more active members at Mass every week than all the other religious bodies in the country combined. Her schools educate more children than all other Private Schools combined . Her Hospitals care for the majority of AIDS patients in the country. Her Aged Care facilities are spread throughout the country. BUT ....she is opposed to Contraception, Abortion, Homosexual Activity, Same Sex "Marriage", Divorce , fact she is the opponent of every banner immoral cause the modern mainstream media espouse.  She is the enemy in their view.

As the highest ranking Australian Catholic Prelate  Cardinal Pell became for the media the "face" of the Catholic Church they hate. And, as if that were not enough, he had the gall(!) to repeatedly state that " I do what the Catholic Church does, teach what the Catholic Church teaches....and let the chips fall where they may." If I may mix my metaphors that was "red rag" to a pack of rabid dogs.

CARDINAL GEORGE PELL - "teach what the Catholic Church teaches"

Ranged against the the Catholic Church over a long period of time there have been several other players.

In Melbourne , the Capital of the State of Victoria, FAIRFAX PRESS prints The Age newspaper which in times past - when such things were taken seriously - would have been described as the journal of record for that city. The paper has long had a virulent anti- Catholic character and has built -up a stable of journalists hostile to Catholic morality and the institutions and personalities of the Church. It has also been sympathetic to the Labor side of politics, which is closely aligned in recent decades with secularism, and "libertarian" immorality.

In Sydney, the Capital of New South Wales and the largest city in Australia , FAIRFAX PRESS prints the Sydney Morning Herald which traces its origins back to 1831 .Many decades ago it held an even loftier status than The Age did in Melbourne.But in recent decades it has fallen heavily on the Left side of the fence espousing every cause of libertarian immorality, and a particularly keen pro- active homosexual streak. It has also, along with all this, become strongly anti-Catholic.

At the National level, The Australian is printed by News Limited (Rupert Murdoch) .It was founded in July, 1964. For some years it had been better than even-handed in its treatment of the Catholic Church and included on its staff a number of senior well educated Catholics. Rupert Murdoch had become a Catholic and many things were achieved including some elaborate coverage of the Catechism of the Catholic Church when it was launched, and surprisingly good coverage in some detail, of some Encyclicals. However the aging Mr. Murdoch divorced his second wife and re-married and there has been a slow decline in quality coverage of the Church ever since.


Also operating Nationally , there is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio and TV) which is often mockingly called the GayBC and, more lately, the ALP BC because of its exceptional level of bias in favour of the Australian Labor Party. The organisation - far from the obligations of its charter - is not impartial , but has evolved and prosecutes a distinct "libertarian" immorality, aggressive radical feminism, left wing political view and bitter anti-Catholicism.

And the last of the players is the Australian Labor Party. This was founded in 1901 as an authentic working class Party.This fact, and the lowly standing of most Catholics in early Australia -  which was dominated by a Protestant (often Masonic)  Ascendancy in Government, Law and Commerce - had the effect of causing the new Party to have a very largely Catholic membership.However in the late 1940s and into the 1950s a  systematic incursion into the ALP was organised by Communist groups. Vigorous anti-Communism on the part of Catholic members led to a TRAUMATIC SPLIT IN THE ALP and the formation of an effectively Catholic "Democratic Labor Party". 

For some years this achieved political success - holding the balance of power in the Senate of the Federal Parliament and keeping the ALP out of office by allocating its preferences to the conservative Coalition.  However, in the interim, Labor politics took a radical Left turn toward all the "Libertarian" and "Environmentalist" and radical Feminist agenda items. Those Catholics who remained in the ALP were not strong enough in numbers , or in some cases, in conviction, to stem the hostile flow. 

The "new" ALP became increasingly secularist,libertarian and anti- Catholic.  


So we have gathered the players, The Church herself, her Principal Australian representative and a host of hostile Media and Political forces sullenly observing her progress, resentful of her opposition to their causes and of  the apparent  strength of her position. But what is this? She stumbles, falling into the mud and they pounce and begin to tear at her .

What has happened? In the early 1980s in the United States there began to surface stories of "pedophile" activity by some Catholic clergy over the preceding 30 years - particularly during the post-Conciliar church- quake. The American history of " investigative journalism" dovetailed with the American " no win no fee " practice of Law (at the time illegal here)  and another American legal practise called "Plea Bargaining" combined to create a new industry.And the developing " victim culture" in the society at large proved fertile ground for it. The Catholic Church was seen as a "soft target" unlikely to fight hard to defend herself , worried to avoid scandal and able to pay - "look at all those Churches and Schools!"

It did not take long for the  Australian enemies of the Church to see that this could be their chance. In no time at all we had our own investigative journalists, our own victims were identified and there were cases, and tragic ones too, as well as some fakes, and our very own "victim support groups" . Everything was presented as "pedophilia" though in fact, as in the USA much of the scandal involved homosexuality.But that could not be attacked by the P.C. Media so "pedophilia it HAD to be.  Ready? Go!

For a time the Media had all the running, followed by the "victims support groups"  . The ALP approached the fray cautiously sniffing around the edges of the melee - wanting to be sure that it could get into the attack without suffering any electoral backlash. It has been in a parlous state these last decades with a series of disastrous "leaders" even short spells in Government always ended in ashes. So Caution was the rule. 

To be continued - Rabid Dogs from Strange Directions.



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